Rooted in ancient China, rum has become a vital part of the modern liquor cabinet and a staple of social events. It’s a smooth go-to drink on those long, tiresome days; the perfect addition to more flavorful mixes; and sometimes even difficult to pick the right one.

    Trying to shop for the best rum is like purchasing anything else – you’ll be met with a variety of brands, flavors, and ages. Some are incredibly expensive, others are surprisingly cheap, which leaves many wondering: “How do you know which rums are the best?”

    The next time you find yourself in that predicament, keep this list of the 12 best rums around the world in the back of your mind!

    best rum brands to buyRon Zacapa “Centenario” 23-Year-Old Solera Rum

    Though rum is best known for being paired with other beverages to give them a kick, Ron Zacapa’s 23-year-old Solera Rum is a smooth and rich drink that you may enjoy drinking on its own. Brought in from Guatemala, Centenario is made from a virgin sugar cane honey that gives it a sweeter flavor accented by cocoa and orange. Pop it open and you’ll enjoy a mix of clove, cinnamon, orange peel and cocoa-scented nose.

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    rum you have to try before you die

    Diplomatico Ambassador Selection

    This 47% alcohol amber liquid may be on the pricier side, but that expense is well worth it once it touches your lips. If you taste a very faint hint of bourbon, that’s because the Diplomatico Ambassador is matured in ex-bourbon barrels. You’ll surely enjoy the cinnamon, raisins, apricot, toffee, banana, and liquorice root notes.

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    top tasting rum brands

    Clement X.O. Rhum

    Sporting a nose with hints of orange blossom, cinnamon, and honeysuckle, this mahogany drink is balanced out by a touch of charred wood. X.O. is incredibly smooth and was aged with fresh pressed sugarcane juice over at least six years in re-charred oak barrels, giving it that smoky touch.

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    best white rum

    Royal Oak Trinidad Rum

    Hailing all the way from Trinidad is this medium-bodied rum sporting a mellow flavoring of butter toffee, cream, roasted nuts, and dried flowers. Though it may be on the cheaper side, Royal Oak spares no expense when it comes to creating an ideal rum, made from rich molassees.

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    best spiced rum

    Batiste Rhum

    Many clamber for this simple rum, claiming they’ll never go back to another brand. Its lower price tag certainly helps but what people flock to is this fresh and smooth melding of banana, ginger, and vanilla. Additional flavors may pop through after each sip including lychee, violet, and white floral.

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    best rum for rum and coke

    Hamilton’s Jamaican Black Rum

    This near-black run is achieved through a mixture of extra light, light, and heavy pot-still rums. Starting with a molasses base, Hamilton’s Jamaican Black Rum starts to take on some more pleasant flavors like a grassy nose and, butter, custard, lemon zest, and melon. You may also catch a hint of smokiness and pepper as you sip at this exquisite drink.

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    popular types of good rum

    El Dorado 15 Year Rum

    If it’s a plain glass of rum you’re looking for, you’ll likely enjoy the El Dorado 15 Year Rum, a distilled beverage that has no interest in using flair to sell its bottle. The reddish-amber hue is aged for 15 years after being mixed from molasses and sports a heavy sweetness, a medium-body, and hints of ginger, oak, dried fruit, and honey.

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    best dark rum

    Cruzan Black Strap Rum

    Some rums come packaged so nicely that you don’t really want to pop open the bottle. Cruzan Black Strap’s blackish tint is definitely attractive to have sitting on a shelf, but it’s the hint of molasses and rich flavor that wind up selling this St. Croix rum. It’s incredibly low price certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

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    best coconut rum jamaican cocktail

    Smith & Cross Jamaican Rum

    Distilled in Jamaica at 57% strength or 114 proof, this golden traditional rum offers a rich and light flavor that’s infused during its time in an oak cask. Mix it with a drink of your choice to get the most of it’s banana, molasses, spic, and leather notes.

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    top shelf flavored rum

    Rhum Agricole Vieux Niesson

    One look at this bright amber rum and you know that it has some form of fruitiness and sweetness, but beneath its primary notes, Agricole Vieux Niesson also delivers on caramel, vanilla, and molasses. Distilled in Martinique, Agricole is made from fresh sugarcane juice and aged for a minimum of 3 years.

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    rum for mojito

    Angostura Gran Anejo 7-Year-Old

    That smooth amber look is certainly attractive, but Angostura’s 7-year-old rum is more about its rich and deep flavor profile. Once popped open, expect to be hit with notes of vanilla, clove, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. Add it to any drink to bring out the sweeter flavors, like dark chocolate, tiramisu, and even burnt sugar.

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    bottles for national rum day

    Reserva De La Familia Serralles

    Okay, you may have to take out a second mortgage to afford a bottle of aged run, but Don Q’s persistence to survive over 150 years is an indication of just how dedicated the distillery is creating an incredible beverage. There’s never been a better mix of oak, vanilla, and fruit in one of the smoothest rums to come from Puerto Rico.

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