Owning a high-quality backpack is all about convenience and easing your mind. You don’t want to worry about your stuff falling out of the bottom of the bag(We’ve seen it happen). Carrying a lot of items in your pockets may not be safe(makes you a likely victim to a pickpocketer), especially when visiting foreign destinations. When have you ever seen male models with their pockets chock full of their EDC stuff? Yeah, you haven’t seen it. That’s why we chose to list out the best backpacks a guy can own with some good descriptions to help you out.

    Ibiza Pack

    Lexdray Ibiza Pack

    The first item on our list is a cool little backpack that will go well with the major part of your clothes. The manufacturer’s original idea was to provide a high-quality everyday carry backpack for DJs to pack their essential equipment. The volume of the backpack is 27 liters and it’s designed to hold large items which can often be hard to fit in other backpacks.

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    Herschel Supply Heritage Backpack

    This backpack offers a variety of eye-catching colors, personally we liked the dark red and brown version most. The design is quite unique but isn’t hard to work with style-wise for most people. However, the maximum laptop size it can carry is 15 inches which means you should avoid it if you own anything larger.

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    https://media.endclothing.com/media/catalog/product/cache/0/image/1000x/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/2/4/24-02-2016_penfield_vaughanbackpack_navy_eh_2.jpgPenfield Vaughan Backpack

    Vaughan is designed for people looking to stand out from the crowd, despite its seemingly simple and casual appearance. The leather details are extremely eye-catching and its overall design is sure to accommodate anyone looking for a reliable backpack to carry their essentials. Materials for the backpack are strong and sturdy with nylon used for the exterior and shoulder padding to keep the shape consistent whether the backpack is full or empty. The Penfield Vaughan also cases a separate section for your laptop.

    This is one of the most beautifully designed backpacks on our list. The entire backpack is a shade of gray with a determined, business vibe. The interior part of the backpack is padded with faux fur. There are tons of compartments with different sizes to place your gear. Apart from that, the many smaller pockets allow for more organization.

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    https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71UgXH4u4WL._UL1500_.jpgThe Northface Berkeley BackPack

    The Berkeley backpack offers a more simplistic design compared to the other North Face backpacks. The backpack does not exude professional appeal as well as other models mentioned, but it’s a good option for those who like the brand. The Northface Berkeley looks like a typical school backpack except that it’s made with high quality materials. You can fit all your various essentials inside and it feels like a perfect companion for traveling, sleepovers, and outdoor camping.

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    https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/81Fbv%2BFi-TL._UL1500_.jpgTopo Designs Y-Pack Backpack

    Because most of our models look and feel somewhat similar, we decided to include something new and innovative to our list. This is a Y-Pack backpack manufactured by Topo Designs, a famous name in this industry. It looks nothing like your regular backpack, starting from color styles to the zipping system. The interior features a sleeve for laptops of all sizes. There are a ton of pockets available on the exterior to keep your small, important things such as your mobile phone and your wallet. However, its price is somewhat higher than the price of other models on our list, meaning that it just might not suit everyone’s style and price range.

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    aer_dp_web_main.jpgAer Duffel Pack

    Aer Duffel backpack offers a supreme size which enables you to fit a large amount of stuff. The capacity of the laptop is around 24 liters and it features two identical pockets on either side to accommodate smaller items. There is even a ventilated pocket to put your shoes which makes this backpack the perfect choice for runners, joggers, and athletes alike. The Aer Duffel Pack’s sleek style is great for going to the gym as well as for casual or business use.

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    Fjällräven Greenland Backpack

    The Greenland backpack looks like a hybrid between backpacks designed for mountain climbers and backpacks designed for business people. The colors are very formal, such as dark gray, dark green and autumn leaf. It also features a laptop compartment and a couple of pockets for your essentials. This is one of the best looking laptops on the market and it’s recommended Buy On Boreasfor many different occasions and situations.

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    Boreas Peralta

    Boreas Peralta backpack can be used for casual or outdoor use and has declared itself as the perfect backpack for people looking for a compact way to store their equipment for their camping, hiking, and biking purposes. The design is sleek and simple while offering convenience to people having to carry large amounts of baggage for their outdoor activities. It is rain-resistant and keeps your things ventilated, preparing you for any type of weather.

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    Alchemy Equipment Minimalist Daypack

    In order to take a break from large, outdoor backpacks, we decided to take a look at a small but, useful minimalist backpack manufactured by Alchemy. You might think that it’s a bad idea to buy a backpack which calls itself minimalist but we can guarantee that no features have been compromised, especially when it comes to storing your equipment. It features a laptop compartment for 15-inch laptops and a main area for the most important gear. There is also a waterproof pocket for small and important equipment you wish to save from rain and snow, such as your mobile phone and your wallet. Its capacity still stays strong at 20 liters.

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    Everlane Twill Snap Backpack

    This is a very classy backpack and it is suitable for all occasions due to its elegant design and the fact that the entire backpack is black, enabling you to pair it with whatever you want. The exterior is 100% cotton with leather accents. The backpack was once offered at a higher price, but the manufacturer has since decided to lower the price by more than 50%. It’s a great offer for a great backpack so be sure to take advantage of this generous price reduction.

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    Arc’teryx Blade 20

    The Blade 20 looks like an elegant backpack to suit all of your needs when it comes to packing your essential gadgets and even a couple of extras. The backpack looks very sturdy and it tends to keep its original shape no matter if it’s full or empty. There are special pockets designed to hold your laptop, your tablet, and a couple of smaller compartments for smaller things such as your mobile phone, wallet, etc. It can even be held on the side or on the top like a regular bag if you don’t want to wear it on your back.

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    Journeyman Backpack In Tan Front ViewFilson Journeyman Backpack

    Filson is a long-working company which has been manufacturing backpacks since 1897. It’s no coincidence because they still offer high-quality products which excel in their stylish design and extreme durability. This is also the case with the Journeyman backpack which features a laptop sleeve and an interior divided into two parts. The exterior is made from cotton canvas.

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    https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/91CirXlHx8L._UL1500_.jpgPatagonia Ironwood 20L Pack

    As you can see from its name, the Ironwood backpack has the capacity of 20L and is certainly sufficient for your basic traveling and camping needs. The backpack was designed to be a bit longer and narrower than other models on the market so it can provide room for larger laptops (up to 17 inches). It’s made from polyester, resulting in a low price and strong design with excellent durability which should prove itself whenever you decide to take it hiking or similar. It’s a great backpack for everyday use and there are no limitations to how you will use it.

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    Army / BrownProperty Of… Mitch Backpack

    The Mitch backpack carries an unusual design which is sure to turn heads in your workplace. The backpack design is office-friendly and you shouldn’t have a problem carrying it to more formal events in the case you need to carry a lot of gear. What we liked the most are the brown leather straps which really add to the overall feeling. The backpack is somewhere between gray and green and it’s quite a neutral color for the office.

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    Arc’teryx Arro 22

    Let’s take a look at one of the best outdoor backpacks ever manufactured. The functions of this backpack are numerous and it will definitely satisfy your every need with its convenient design. It can support 15-inch laptops within its sleeve and even includes a hydration bladder. A couple of exterior pockets will help you stay organized since you won’t have to store them in the main compartment.


    RS_leaf_front (original).jpgAble Archer Rucksack

    Finally, we have a backpack for people who want it as a fashion statement apart from its obvious function, to store your important items. The exterior is made out of Mil-spec waterproof canvas with nylon interior. The laptop compartment can hold a 15-inch laptop and that department is made out of neoprene, making sure that your laptop is maximally protected no matter the weather. There are also other pockets which can serve their purpose. You can pack your essential gear no matter if you are a DJ, a professional photographer, or just a tourist.

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    QWSTION Daypack

    Switzerland has always been famous for their stylish design of manufactured goods. The same goes for the company QWSTION and their Daypack. There are many ways you can carry this bag with you and you can even use it as a briefcase. The straps are removable and can be adjusted to your liking. It features a laptop pocket for 15-inch laptops and it can be opened wide in order for you to see everything contained in your backpack. This is a perfect hybrid between a business suitcase and a stylish, casual backpack for people wanting to leave a good first impression.

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    Jansport Right Pack Bookbag BLACK O/SJanSport Right Pack Backpack

    After a couple of quite expensive backpacks, we decided to step down a little bit and take a look at this backpack manufactured by JanSport. They are a famous company which manufactures backpacks among other equipment and you can see these backpacks quite often since they are often worn by students. This model features a laptop compartment and an additional pocket on the front for small valuables. The colors of the suede used for the backpack are beautiful, to say the least, and the overall design is stunning.

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    Timbuk2 Tuck Pack

    Here is yet another backpack which surely won’t break the bank and yet will provide everything you asked for, and more. It’s functional and it looks decent. There are a lot of different compartments for various things and a padded laptop pocket for laptops of all sizes. We can conclude that this laptop feels awesome for people looking to use their bicycles often because the laptop is easy to use while biking.

    Buy On AmazonLotuff Leather Backpack

    This backpack is manufactured in New England and every single part is handmade from skillful workers who have been in the business for many years. It does not sacrifice performance for design since it’s very useful and able to carry your most important essentials, from your laptop to other equipment. This backpack is very fashionable so you will surely turn heads when you pass by.

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    canoe_back_pack_olive_canvas.jpgYuketen Leather-Canoe Back Pack

    This everyday backpack is perfect for people looking for something very durable and strong. The entire backpack is made out of army canvas which is nearly impossible to tear. There are a lot of leather details and we are quite impressed with the overall design. Its colors match very well and you are looking at an elegant design which is reminiscent of the Wild West culture. If you are looking for a bag to make your camping or hiking easier, look no further than this Yuketen backpack.

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    http://www.mysteryranch.com/Product%20Images/WS17%20Kletterwerks%20Drei%20Zip_30-brick.jpgKletterwerks Drei Zip

    This is a backpack which differs from other Kletterwerks’ backpacks by it unique three-zip design and most people have already concluded that from its name. Other backpack models from the same manufacturer don’t feature this style. A fun thing to state is that the entire backpack is handmade in the United States. It is very useful and it implements the three-zip system successfully in order to make you more organized and make it easier for you to access different items. It can successfully hold laptops of all sizes.

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    Tom Bihn Synapse 25

    In order to fully appreciate the design of this backpack, you need to put yourself in the shoes of an average photographer who always has to carry around his equipment in his never-ending search for new things to take pictures of. This backpack is also suitable for people who want to look like they mean business and for people who don’t want their backpack to stand out from the rest of their outfit. There is a laptop compartment which can store 15-inch laptops and there are numerous pockets at your disposal where you can fit everything you’ll ever need for a casual day at work or even for a trip.

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    Master-Piece Over-v6 Daypack

    The Over-v6 from Master-Piece is a real masterpiece as the name suggests. The company is based in Japan and that is where the backpack is produced. The backpack is very strong, to say the least, with nylon interior and additionally reinforced by suede. It looks  like a regular backpack which means it’s not suitable for a laptop since there is no special pocket for it. However, there is a hidden pocket for your most important valuables.

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    Bramble USA-Made Daypack

    This backpack made by Bramble looks and feels like a great solution for hikers around the world. It’s narrow and long and has been additionally reinforced to improve its performance in every weather condition you might find yourself in. On the other hand, its stylish design and large number of sockets make it a great choice for people who need a backpack to store their work-related valuables. One thing we want to point out about the manufacturer is that they decided to donate 5% of every sale they make on their backpacks to contribute to Pacific Northwest coastline protection and preservation.

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    Madden Equipment Daylite

    After a couple of casual, commuter backpacks, let’s take a look at one of the most suitable backpacks for outdoor activists looking to get involved in biking, hiking, and fishing. The backpack is blue with Colorado bison leather used for details. It’s strong and waterproof, making it safe for various occasions. No matter how much stuff you have to store for your trip or for camping, you will always be able to make room in this large outdoor backpack.

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    Goruck GR1

    This is definitely one of the most popular products on our list and what makes it so famous is its sturdiness. Its manufacturers like to brag about how this is the perfect backpack for every condition and they say it can survive a war without breaking apart. They are not joking because the backpack is, indeed, made out of materials the USA Special Forces use for their equipment. When it comes to design, it simply looks perfect. The backpack is black with a couple of pockets and a laptop socket for 15-inch laptops.

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    Brooks England Hackney Backpack

    The England Hackney backpack is a great choice for commuters looking for a simple backpack where you can easily fit everything you want and find it without issues. It does not feature any zippers and it’s very easy to get around. However, it does not feature a lot of compartments for people looking to organize their things for different occasions. It is waterproof and its entirely black design looks quite modern.

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    Kenox 17 Inch Laptop and Tablet Backpack

    Since we felt like people with 17-inch laptops might feel left out while readings this list, we decided to include this cool backpack in the end. Apart from its larger size, it features a lot of different compartments meaning that photographers and DJs might benefit from it greatly. It is also on sale and you get it for quite a low price. It features a simple design, with enough pockets to accommodate all your needs.

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