Bringing warm beer to a party isn’t fun. The sadness of a wasted beverage alone is worse than the embarrassment that follows. You need to be a bit more strategic instead of tossing that 24 pack in the backseat.

    Food that should be eaten hot isn’t usually the thing you bring to a picnic (unless you’re set up for such a thing). Luckily now we have some portable backpacks that are built with insulated coolers available. Stick anything in to keep the temperature for a longer period. Keep the cold stuff cold and the hot stuff hot. Yeah, these are the better versions of the bags that those delivery drivers use to bring you your home delivered food.

    Dakine Party Pack 28-Liter

    Ideal for anyone who likes to take to the outdoors for the weekend or head to a house party all the same, the Dakine Party Backpack is a sturdy choice that can outlast many adventures to come. This bag is made to be comfortable enough for hours of wear and evenly distributes the weight so that you can feel good while wearing it. The back of this pack features a padded design that provides plenty of support. The pack is lightweight and breathable and will allow for hours of wear without causing you to overheat. The straps of the Dakine Backpack are comfortable as well, and they work hand in hand with the included sternum strap that is just as adjustable as the shoulder straps to comfortably distribute the weight across your torso.

    The Dakine cooler offers three built-in Koozies, making it the ultimate party backpack. You can carry around drinks for yourself and your friends and still have a hand to spare. This backpack also features a pocket for your sunglasses, making the backpack great for when the party goes on from day to night, or for when you take the backpack with you while hiking, backpacking or camping. To finish off its helpful party accessories, this backpack comes with a built-in bottle opener. You can get everything done whether you are out and about or inside for the night with this pack.

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    IceMule Pro Cooler 20-Liter

    Whether you are planning to go fishing, hiking, camping or spending any time outdoors where you anticipate needing an ice cold drink, the IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers can help. This cooler is designed to be portable and will allow you to carry everything you need with you to stay hydrated and refreshed while out on the trail or the water. This portable cooler can be worn on your back and toted around with you anywhere. It is a high capacity backpack that will be able to hold up to 20 liters at a time. Perfect for carrying around while camping, it can store up to 18 cans of liquid at a time, making it ideal for stashing beer into with ease.

    The IceMule Pro Coolers can keep ice intact for up to an impressive 24 hours at a time, ensuring that you will always have plenty of ice to stay refreshed for an entire day and night before needing to refresh your supply. Icemule pro coolers have been crafted with a patented insulation that not only keeps your drinks ice cold, but this technology also ensures that you will also never have to worry about it leaking on you as well. Ultra comfortable, the IceMule features a padded strap system similar to that of a backpack that can be supported by your body without strain. The back pads are also breathable and comfortable for extended comfort all day long.

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    Coleman C003

    Carry all of your favorite camping gear, snacks and more with you out to the campsite or footing the trail with the Coleman C003. This large bag is designed to keep your food and drinks nice and cool and ready to consume at any time while enjoying some time outdoors. It is large enough to store 28 cans, meaning that you can fit all of the sodas or beer that you want to into its large confines. In the front of the C003, there is a zippered storage compartment that allows you to store any dry food and keep it separate from your drinks or your cold food, helping to avoid condensation.

    On the front of the bag, there is also stretch cabling that allows you to store bottles within it or to attach any clip on attachments you might have. Pockets rest on either side of the backpack for additional storage of water bottles or anything else. The main compartment features a durable zipper closure so that you won’t have to worry about the contents inside spilling out, no matter how far you walk while wearing it.

    Supporting the entire Coleman C003 Backpack Cooler are two comfortable straps that slip easily around your shoulders. They have been padded to provide you plenty of comfort. Included with this pack is an adjustable waist strap that will help evenly distribute the weight of what is inside of your Coleman C003.

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    Polar Bear Nylon Series

    Whether you are heading out to go camping with your friends or are hitting the hiking trail, keeping yourself hydrated is of the utmost importance. Carrying around a large, solid, bulky plastic cooler is not always exactly comfortable or ideal. With the Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series Backpack, you can enjoy all of the convenience of a cooler without any of the inconvenience. This cooler is designed to wear like a backpack instead of having to carry it awkwardly at your side. It measures only 12.5 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches, making it totally portable. Though it might have a compact size, it can hold up to 23 standard-sized cans, making it ideal for sodas and beer by the campfire.

    The Polar Bear Coolers Nylon Series is fully insulated and will keep your drinks cool for hours on end. It has a water-resistant interior so that in the event of spills or condensation, you won’t have to worry about the backpack getting ruined from water damage. The exterior is made out of durable polyester that can undergo any sort of weather without getting damaged. There are several different pockets on its exterior that are designed to hold any additional items you may need. The stretch cargo cord on the front of this backpack offers you the convenience of storing a towel or a jacket. There is an attachment harness that makes it simple for you to attach it to anything such as a golf cart.

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    OAGGear Cooler Sports Pack

    Ideal for carrying with you on a fishing trip, on the hiking trail or around the campfire, the OAGGear Ultimate Backpack Cooler is a stylish way to trade in your large, old bulky cooler for one that is more slender, spacious and simple to tote around. This backpack-style cooler features a top loading design that makes it simple for you to pack away any of your chilled items that you want to take with you to the great outdoors. This backpack cooler can hold up to 20 cans at one time and still fit ice inside of it in order to ensure that no exterior heat will melt the items inside. The liner of this backpack has even been heat sealed and is leak proof, ensuring that no condensation will find its way through the backpack and make a mess or make you uncomfortable.

    This Ultimate Backpack Cooler is made out of heavy-duty 600D polyester that is able to withstand the elements. The trim on the backpack is made out of 600D rip stop nylon to stop the weight of its contents from coming through the material. Inside, there is a heavy-duty PEVA liner that comes with a bottom board in order to provide greater reinforcements all around the bag. In the front, there is a large slip pocket that can store any additional belongings that you want to take with you on your trip along with two mesh side pockets.

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    Picnic Time ‘PTX’ Insulated Backpack Cooler

    Ideal for anyone who needs to head off on the hiking trail, go camping or just spend a day out in nature, the PTX Backpack is an excellent way for you to keep all of your cold drinks cold and your refrigerated snacks and sandwich meats at the perfect temperature. This backpack is designed to be a portable cooler that enables you to tote it around with you on your back instead of carrying a large and bulky cooler in your hands. This backpack eliminates the strain and awkward carrying methods that might make your trip less pleasant, ensuring that you can stay hydrated with less hassle.

    The Picnic Time ‘PTX’ Insulated Backpack is a durable backpack that is made out of polyester. Inside of the backpack is total insulation that helps to keep everything cool and comfortable. The interior is also water resistant which means that no condensation or accidental leakage or spills will damage the backpack. The PTX Cooler lets you carry up to 23 standard size cans so that you can always have enough beer or soda while camping. It has comfortable padded straps which will help you carry the cooler in comfort as well as an attachment harness that makes it simple for attaching to any object. There are a number of pockets for isolated storage as well as stretch cargo straps on its front for storing items like sweaters or towels.

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    Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack

    Take your drinks with you wherever you go, no matter what life’s adventures have in store with the help of the Igloo Daytripper Backpack. This stylish and modern backpack cooler lets you enjoy all of the convenience of having a cooler along for the trip with none of the bulk and hassle that their large plastic bodies entail. This backpack has plenty of storage for all of your snacking and hydration needs. This includes a bottom insulated food compartment that will ensure your drinks do not crush your food. The compartment is accessible without having to navigate your way through the drinks and can be accessed even when the lid is down. This container even comes with small plastic food storage units to keep things organized.

    You will find extra dry storage compartments located on each side of the Igloo Daytripper for bringing along non-food items and keeping them safe and secure. Store away cell phones, wallets, keys, snacks and so much more with peace of mind. When you are ready to open up a beer and relax for the rest of the night, you can take advantage of the included bottle opener on the Daytripper. This bottle opener is located on the backpack strap for your convenience and ease of access. There is also a front pocket that holds securely onto a bamboo cutting board for food preparation on the go. The two main compartments feature a push-aside divider as well.

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