Taking your health seriously is something that most people love to do. Having a healthy body is the cornerstone for having a healthy mind, and one of the best ways to complement your healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is by detoxifying your body. While staying healthy is important, it is also good to have a good social life, and sometimes that can mean partaking in activities such as having some drinks with friends that might make you feel a bit uneasy the following morning. Created by a team passionate about remedying the balance between a healthy social life and a healthy body, Morning Recovery was born.

    Morning Recovery is a drink that was created by a group of friends in Silicon Valley with a goal of finding that perfect balance. Backed by Dr. King Liang, M.D., Ph. D. and professor at USC, Morning Recovery is full of the necessary ingredients that your body needs to bounce back after a night of fun. This drink works by using its main ingredient, Hovenia Dulcis. This ingredient is an Asian raisin tree that contains detoxifying compounds, which are known as DHM, or Dihydromyricetin. Dihydromyricetin is an anti-hepatotoxic ingredient that helps to detox the body after it has been “poisoned’ with alcohol.


    Morning Recovery has been formulated in such a way that it can boost the natural response of your body to alcohol; with just a quick drink before bed, you can wake up feeling refreshed, renewed to skip the hangover and leave your weekend fun behind while you head into the work week on Monday morning.

    Not only is the Morning Recovery drink full of DHM, it also contains milk thistle. Milk thistle contains silymarin as well as silybin, which help to combat the free radicals that are introduced into the body as it begins to fight off the alcohol inside of it. The prickly pear extract helps to counter the inflammatory effect that alcohol has on the liver, which can work to stop the nausea and headaches that often come with a hangover. The taurine assists with the prevention of the build-up of lipids in the liver that comes on when you drink alcohol which can also stop the swelling of the liver. The vitamin B complex in the drink, including vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 and B12, can help to reverse the loss of protective enzymes that occurs when you drink. Finally, the electrolytes in the drink help to hydrate the body, as a lot of water is lost when a person consumes alcohol.

    A nice morning is as simple as having a few drinks, drinking a bottle of Morning Recovery before you go to bed, and waking up feeling brand new. This drink is designed to bridge the gap between living a fun social life while also leading a responsible and productive professional life; One Morning Recovery drink at a time.




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