Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One, Xbox One S

    Xbox One owners have been enjoying the benefits of external hard drives for a few years now, unlike PS4 owners who only recently had the opportunity to beef up their storage. It was a good move by Microsoft in recognizing the need for more storage space early on.

    An Xbox One or Xbox One S with 500GB of space can fill up pretty quickly, considering games these days can easily consume 50GB. And that’s without all the post-release content. Even a 1TB storage won’t last very long.

    All external hard drives with a USB 3.0 connection and at least 256GB of space can be used with your Xbox One console. You can also use two external hard drives simultaneously, a luxury that PS4 owners don’t get to enjoy yet.

    If it’s your first time shopping for an Xbox One hard drive, it can get confusing if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. We’re here to make things easier for you. Here are our picks for the best Xbox One hard drives.


    Western Digital My Book 4TB

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    For a long time, the 4TB version of the Western Digital My Book has been the best external hard drive for the Xbox One. It’s affordable, reliable, and can store dozens of games with ease. Last year, the best became even better.

    The new 2016 model of the My Book brings all the excellent features that its 2013 counterpart does. It has a USB 3.0 connection for speedy data transfers and is easy to use even for rookies touching an external hard drive for the first time. The biggest change is obviously in the design. The new My Book is sleeker and less rounded on the edges. It actually looks like the original PS4 model.

    It still needs to be powered using an electrical outlet, though. But that’s the standard for full-sized desktop external hard drives. The My Book external hard drive also comes with a 3-year warranty. If you think 4TB won’t be enough for your hardcore gaming needs, we recommend looking into another product down this list.

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    Seagate Game Drive

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    If you want an external hard drive that comes with Xbox colors, then the Seagate Game Drive is for you. This portable hard drive bears the familiar Xbox green color and has the Xbox logo on the upper left side.

    The Game Drive is incredibly easy to use. It’s basically a plug-and-play device that doesn’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet – it’s powered by its USB 3.0 connection. This means you won’t have to deal with extra cables.

    It’s small and compact, which allows you to carry it around anywhere, and an overall excellent Xbox One external hard drive. Since the Game Drive is slightly more expensive than other portable hard drives, we recommended picking up only the 2TB version.

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    Seagate Game Drive – Halo Wars 2 Edition

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    Just in case the standard, green-colored version of the Seagate Game Drive doesn’t seem Xbox-y enough for you, you can have a look at the Halo Wars 2 Edition of the same hard drive. Aside from the Xbox logo, this 2TB portable hard drive also has Atriox from Halo Wars 2 gloriously pictured out front.

    Apart from the cosmetic changes, the Seagate Game Drive – Halo Wars 2 Edition is virtually the same product, with USB 3.0 connection and an easy plug-and-play setup. And yes, it’s still USB-powered.

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    HGST Touro S

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    Full-sized external hard drives like the Western Digital My Book generally spin faster than portable hard drives, typically at a rate of 7200RPM. Portable hard drives usually spin at 5400RPM – unless the packaging says “HGST Touro S.”

    The Touro S is one of the only USB-powered portable hard drives in the market that spins at 7200RPM, which helps in producing faster loading times. It’s more expensive than other portable hard drives, though, and it only comes in either 500GB or 1TB. Still, it’s an excellent portable hard drive if you’re all about virtually eliminating loading times.

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    Samsung T3 Portable SSD

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    However, if you really want a super-fast portable hard drive, you might want to direct your attention to the Samsung T3 Portable SSD. A solid-state drive is way faster than your typical hard drive, making it an excellent choice for those who absolutely hate even the slightest delay in loading times.

    The T3 has a transfer rate of up to 450MB/s and has a USB 3.1 Type-C connection, which is different from the usual USB 3.0 seen in most external hard drives. Featuring a shock-resistant casing, the T3 is small enough to fit in your pocket, allowing you to easily bring your games to your friends’ house.

    The biggest downside to the T3 is the significantly more expensive price tag. Going for the 2TB version will easily burn a hole in your wallet. Only go for the T3 if money is not an issue for you.

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    Seagate Expansion 8TB (Desktop)

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    Sometimes, even a 4TB storage is still not enough for gamers who buy and play a lot of games. If this is the case with you, then we recommended going for a full 8TB external hard drive. The Seagate Expansion is one of the best in the market.

    Despite looking like a complicated piece of hardware, the Expansion is actually very easy to use. It works just like other plug-and-play devices. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet, connect it to your Xbox One or Xbox One S using its USB 3.0 connection and you’re good to go.

    Though it’s tempting to go for the 5TB version due to its lower price, it’s definitely more worth it to go for the 8TB instead. The price difference between the 5TB version and a 4TB portable external hard drive is so minimal that you might as well go for the latter if you’re looking for a cheaper option. But seriously, though, you’re much better off with the Expansion 8TB version for the long haul.

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    Though the Samsung T3 and HGST Touro S both offer portability and faster performance, the Western Digital My Book 4TB is still the runaway winner for the best Xbox One hard drive in the market. The Seagate Game Drive is only recommended if you really want an Xbox-branded external hard drive.


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