Flasks can be a cool product to have around. An interesting tool that’s been used for over¬† a century. They have their place as a unique EDC (Everyday Carry) item for any guy looking to not have a water bottle with them at every waking moment (Mother earth can’t thank you enough). For environmental and style factors, we highly recommend a cool flask for any man that wants one. Save the environment from plastic by re-using this sophisticated drinking container, and look good while doing it. Sound like a win-win to me.


    Here is the list of our Top 10 Best Flasks For Men


    Stanley Classic Flask

    When the weather gets nice and warm and you want to get outdoors, the best way to enjoy a pleasing afternoon is with your favorite drink. Taking a glass outside is not only posing a breakage risk, but the heat of the day can melt the ice you choose to put in the drink, making it taste sub-par to what you expect. The best answer to this problem is a flask, one that can keep your stiff drink tasting its best, no matter what you are doing. The Stanley Classic Flask is here to heed the call and take your summertime drinks to a whole new level.

    The Stanley Classic Flask is an 8 ounce hammertoe ice flask that is made out of 18/8 stainless steel. Naturally BPA free, no harmful chemicals will leak into your drink, no matter how warm the weather becomes. Made entirely from metal, the flask does an excellent job at keeping your drinks at temperature for hours on end. The hinge for the opening is made out of plastic, and it opens up to reveal a wide mouth that makes it simple to pour and to drink from.

    The Stanley Classic Flask also features an integrated lanyard that makes walking around or traveling with the flask a breeze. You’ll never lose the cap, and the flask is leakproof and able to be packed with ease. Regardless of how you like to enjoy your drinks outside of the home, the Stanley Classic Flask is able to accommodate you.

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    Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel

    Ultra sleek and just as modern with its minimalistic design, the Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set is the perfect flask for those who want an elegant way to mix their drinks away from home. The flask is made out of stainless steel and can hold up to 8 ounces of liquid at a time. Measuring 4.75 inches in height and 3.0625 inches in width, this stunning flask is small enough to fit into your breast or trouser pocket or to carry comfortably in your hand. No matter where you’d like to take it or how you would like to store it, the Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set has been laser welded to ensure a totally leak proof seal.

    Included in the set is a funnel that makes pouring your drinks into the flask a simple thing to do. Also made from durable stainless steel, the matching funnel measures 7/8 inches in length with a diameter of 1.125 inches, the perfect size for the spouts on most bottles to fit into nicely. This helps to prevent spills as easily as the flask prevents leaks!

    The firm, screw down cap is attached to the Top Shelf Flasks Stainless Steel Flask & Funnel Set flask to ensure that the cap cannot be lost. It has been soldered onto the top of the flask and then attached to the body by rivets for extra reinforcement. Perfect as a gift for birthdays, holidays and special occasions such as a wedding, this flask comes in a sleek black gift box.

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    Future Hydrate – Black

    Black, flawless, and able to work with any attire, the ultra fashionable Future Hydrate Premium 8 oz Black Flask is your ticket to having a drink away from home in style. The flask is made from only the highest quality food-grade 18/8 #304 stainless steel, ensuring not only its safety but ensuring its natural resistance to corrosion and rust. Naturally BPA free and eco friendly, this is a flask that you can feel good about using.

    Each one of the Future Hydrate Premium 8 oz Black Flasks is made with care and with great pride. The drinking flask bottle seams have been laser welded to ensure not only ultra smooth, stylish and comfortable edges, but it ensures that no liquid will leak out of its body as well. Using the thickest stainless steel, the flask is the perfect size for engraving. Because it can be engraved, this durable flask is also an excellent choice for a gift for any occasion–especially with the handsome black gift box that it comes in. Choose to give it as a graduation gift, a stocking stuffer, Father’s Day, a birthday, or even as a groomsmen gift. Whoever is lucky enough to receive this striking flask will be thanking you for years to come.

    Not only is the Future Hydrate Premium 8 oz Black Flask great on its own, it comes with a bonus funnel included. The funnel is made out of the same premium food-grade stainless steel and can fit over the lip of most bottles, helping to prevent spills and turning this flask set into one you cannot miss out on.

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    English Street Flasks’ Genuine Leather Signature 6oz

    For the regal gentleman or lady who enjoys pouring their fine drinks on the go, the English Street Flasks Signature 6oz Flask in Genuine Leather Holster is the perfect fit. Made from durable 18/10 stainless steel, the flask has been given a timeless, stunning mirror finish. While a mirror finish is a luxurious choice for those with impeccable style and a sense of true class, fingerprints and smudges can often show up and make it appear unsightly. Thanks to the luxurious, genuine leather holster that hugs the flask, you can be sure that the mirror finish is protected for years to come. Metal and leather combine effortlessly and beautifully into this one-of-a kind flask that you will love to show off everywhere you go.

    This contemporary English Street Flasks Signature 6oz Flask in Genuine Leather Holster can accommodate up to six ounces of your favorite drink, allowing you to carry around your favorite drinks in incredible style. While traveling, the flask can easily and comfortably fit in your hand when you are pouring from it, and into your pocket when you are not. The leather bound flask is as practical as it is stylish thanks to its tight-screwing lid that prevents any spillage and any leakage which furthers its great capability as a travel flask.

    Perfect as a gift, the English Street Flasks Signature 6oz Flask in Genuine Leather Holster will tell the recipient that you appreciate their impeccable sense of style when you hand over this leather bound flask–or choose keep it yourself as a well-deserved treat.

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    English Street Flasks Dirty Mack’s

    Is there anything that is more sophisticated than luxurious leather? Leather adds a handsome appeal to any apparel or accessory, even if the leather is only present in small amounts. With the English Street Flasks Dirty Mack’s Brown Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel 8oz Shot Flask, you are getting a totally leather bound flask that adds an undeniable air of regality and sophistication.

    The English Street Flasks Dirty Mack’s Brown Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel 8oz Shot Flask is made from a full grain brown PU leather material that hugs the entirety of the 304 stainless steel flask. Perfect for casual and formal events alike, this beautiful flask can hold up to 8 ounces of your favorite spirits, making it the perfect traveling companion when it comes to enjoying a drink away from home. Durable, strong and able to fit into your pocket with ease, this flask can go anywhere that you go.

    Whether you are mixing personal drinks or want to share a shot of your favorite liquor with a friend, the English Street Flasks Dirty Mack’s Brown Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel 8oz Shot Flask comes with an included shot glass. The shot glass is collapsible and fits flush with the rest of the flask. Perfect as a present for someone with a similar style sense, this flask comes with a gift box that features a satin insert and silver etchings. Give it as a groomsman or bridesmaid gift, a birthday present or as a present for any other holiday!

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    “WELL DESERVED”8oz Gold Hip Flask Set

    Do you know someone who has recently accomplished quite the impressive goal? Perhaps they have just graduated from college or landed that promotion that they have been working so hard to achieve. Maybe you just find them to be an outstanding person, one who deserves the finer things in life. Whatever the reason for giving a gift, the Simpler Life – Great Ideas For Your Life 8oz Gold “Well Deserved” Engraved Hip Flask Set is the perfect gift for them.

    The Simpler Life – Great Ideas For Your Life 8oz Gold “Well Deserved” Engraved Hip Flask Set a durable, high-grade stainless steel flask that has been given a luxurious satin gold plating. Engraved carefully on the flask is the prominent phrase “WELL DESERVED.” The flask is 100 percent leak proof and features a slim, curved shape, making it both practical and the perfect size and shape for carrying around in your hand or for placing in your pocket.

    Simple to open and close, the Simpler Life – Great Ideas For Your Life 8oz Gold “Well Deserved” Engraved Luxury Hip Flask Set comes with a cap holder and a funnel that makes filling up the flask simple and spill proof. Elegant and sophisticated, a gold flask sets you or the recipient of the gift apart from the others. Turn heads when you carry this flask or widen the eyes of the recipient of your gift when you hand them this dashing golden flask in the exclusive black satin gift packaging.

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    Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask

    Are you a seafaring person? One who jumps at the chance to take to the open water or head to the coast for a refreshing dip? If you love all things nautical, you are going to love the Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask. This unique flask has been designed to resemble a porthole on a ship or on a submarine, reminding you of your love of the sea every time you pour yourself a drink from it.

    Perfect for taking along on a trip to the beach, the Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask can hold up to four ounces of your favorite drinks. The window of the “porthole” flask allows for simple viewing of the contents that are found inside. Not only will this help you remember what sort of drink it is that you brought along, it will help you determine when it is time to refill the flask again.

    The Cork Pops Nicholas Portside Flask is made out of durable, polished stainless steel. The porthole window is made from sturdy glass, providing a beautiful contrasting visual effect of delicate and durable. On top of the flask is a screw top that keeps the liquid secured inside of the flask and turns the container into one that is leak proof. Thanks to its curved nature, the flask is simple to hold and simple to slip into your pocket. Easy to clean, rinsing out and sanitizing your flask after each use has never been simpler.

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    Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel and PU Leather Hip Flask Gift Set

    You are a person of fine taste, and you want that to reflect in everything that you do. With the ultra-regal Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel and PU Leather Hip Flask Gift Set, you can show the world your exquisite style every time that you sit down for a drink.

    The Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel and PU Leather Hip Flask Gift Set features food grade, 18/8 #304 stainless steel that is wrapped up by handsome brown and black PU leather. Due to the composition of this flask, you will never have to worry about undesired and sometimes harmful compounds leaking into your delicious drink. The flask is able to accommodate eight ounces of liquid or 5.5 shots.

    The flask comes with a complementing, stylish copper cap that screws on tightly to the .6 millimeter thick stainless steel of the flask. This helps to further its leak proof nature, as the entirety of the flask has been welded by hand to ensure a smooth edge and a leak free experience. Perfect for carrying along with you anywhere in your hand or pocket, you’ll feel sophisticated and classy each time you produce the flask to pour a drink with friends.

    Give this Primo Liquor Flasks 8oz Stainless Steel and PU Leather Hip Flask Gift Set as a gift for a groomsman, for Father’s Day, a birthday or any other occasion and show the recipient that you recognize their impeccable and unique sense of style.

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    Mealivos 6 ounce cooper floral Hip Flask

    Who says that every flask has to be bland and boring? With the Mealivos 6 Ounce Copper Floral Hip Flask, you can get an ornate flask that is unique to your personality. Made from durable steel, this rose gold-toned flask features beautiful floral designs that will suit your unique tastes and allow your flask to stand out from the rest.

    Ultra stylish, the Mealivos 6 Ounce Copper Floral Hip Flask is as striking as it is discreet. The flask features a super slim, lightweight design, making it simple to slip into your pocket, hold in your hand or tuck away into your purse. No matter how you choose to transport it, you won’t have to worry about it leaking; this beautiful flask features a screw down cap that secures tightly to the body of the flask to help stop spillage. The cap is also attached to the flask so that you will not have to concern yourself with accidentally dropping or losing it.

    The Mealivos 6 Ounce Copper Floral Hip Flask is not only stylish, it is totally safe for use as well. The flask is completely BPA free and uses FDA approved steel in its composition. Using this flask, you can ensure that no undesired or potentially unhealthy compounds will seep into your drink. This stunning flask is also completely resistant to any rust which means that you will never experience any unsightly corrosion that might otherwise ruin the beautiful nature of your flask.

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    Viski Belmont Gold Plated Flask

    Are you looking for a classy flask that is every bit as elegant and sophisticated as your sense of style? With the Viski Belmont Gold Plated Flask, you can enjoy a luxurious drinking experience with a flask that will turn heads wherever you go. Minimalistic by nature, the flask offers up only the pure simplicity of gold for an eye-catching and sophisticated appeal that you won’t find anywhere else.

    The Viski Belmont Gold Plated Flask is made from remarkably durable materials that can stand the test of time and keep your drinks fresher for longer. On the outside of the flask, 14K gold plates the body. This shining material adds a unique element to your look, an air of regality that only gold can afford you. The gold extends even to the lid of the flask for a totally streamlined look. Able to hold up to six ounces of liquid, the Viski Belmont Gold Plated Portable Flask is completely leak proof. The cap features a tight seal that will ensure that this remains true.

    Measuring only five inches in height, the flask is comfortable to hold in the hand with its curved form. It is perfect for taking just the right amount of liquor with you on the go in your jacket, pants pocket or purse. Give this striking Viski Belmont Gold Plated Flask as a royal gift to newlyweds, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the birthday boy or girl or even to your in-laws as a gift that they will not soon forget.

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    That concludes our list of some of coolest Alcohol Flasks or Beverage Flasks around. Guys, choose the one you like best! There are so many cool designs out there that you should get the one you actually like.

    Do you have a Cool & Unique Flask? Let us know about it in the comments below!



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