We’ve all been there – you’re thousands of miles away from home and realize you’ve forgotten some essential toiletry. If only there was someone there with you while you were packing to ensure you didn’t forget anything!

    Well, we’d love to be that guide as you prepare for your next trek. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, these are the essential items you’re absolutely going to want to have on hand.


    Main Image - Will Leather Goods 'Traveler' Duffel BagWill Leather Goods ‘Traveler’ Duffel Bag

    When you’re picking the best duffel bag or weekend bag for your needs, you want something with a lot of space. At 18” W x 14 ½” H x 12” D, the Will Leather bag is a good compact option with plenty of pockets, both on the interior and exterior, for those smaller items we’ll be suggesting to you soon.

    The leather finishing gives this bag an elegant look but also lends to its overall high durability. The plaid interior lining features two Eco-Pillows that help keep even your most prized possessions safe.

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    Multi Pocket Men’s Toiletry Bag

    The last thing you want to do is open your traveler bag and find that your body wash opened up mid-travel and spilled all over your clothing. It’s a disaster scenario many travelers have found themselves in, but you can avoid it with the Multi Pocket Men’s Toiletry Bag.

    This genuine leather option isn’t your typical “one compartment” bag. Featuring a top compartment for your larger bottles or toothbrush, a front pocket for accessories like your razor or its charger, and two small side pockets for nail clippers and other smaller grooming tools, this toiletry bag is optimal for the organized man.

    Additionally, a nylon interior protects your belongings even if something were to leak.

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    Brooks Brothers’ Leather Tie Case

    Nobody wants to arrive at their location and have to iron every article of clothing. While you may not be able to help having to get your shirts pressed, you can protect your ties with a tie travel case. Just as it sounds, this simple zip-up case will keep up to four ties neatly folded in your travel bag and will make them easy to grab when needed.

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    Flight 001 Go Clean Shoes Packing Bags, Black
    Flight 001 Shoe Bag

    Are you tired of throwing your nicest pair of shoes in a plastic bag just to keep scuff marks from getting on your clean clothing? Treat your footwear better on your next trip with the Shoe Bag! Just as it sounds, the Shoe Bag lets you store your footwear in a sealable bag that keeps both dirt and odor from your shoes seeping into your travel bag.

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    Every Man Jack Body Kit, Cedarwood
    Every Man Jack Body Kit

    Wherever you’re off to and however long you plan on staying, you want to smell your best when you leave your hotel room. It’s far-too-easy to forget something as simple as deodorant or body lotion back home, but Every Man Jack’s cedarwood body kit guarantees you’ll have your essentials on you.

    Including a refreshing body lotion, hydrating body wash, and deodorant, all sporting a distinct, earthy and sweet scent of cedarwood.

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    Every Man Jack Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Eucalyptus, 13.5 Fluid Ounce
    Every Man Jack Anti-Dandruff Shampoo + Conditioner

    Depending on the hotel you’re staying at, the shampoo and condition provided is likely going to be bottom of the barrel stuff that will leave your hair feeling frizzy and unkempt. Every Man Jack’s 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner is an essential to travel with as its anti-dandruff formula leaves hair feeling and looking healthier.

    You’ll enjoy getting whiffs of the eucalyptus mint and take delight in the refreshing sensation of the oils working into your scalp. For easy travel, condense the larger bottle into travel-sized bottles that can be found at any drug store.

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    Shavetech USB Electric Razor
    ShaveTech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor

    Traveling with a straight edge is not usually a good idea. Should anything happen to it and the blade gets dinged during travel, then that’s a wasted blade, and they don’t come cheap.
    Instead, a rechargeable travel razor, specifically that from ShaveTech, is perfect for the clean-shaven gent or anyone looking for that stubbly look. Its compact size makes it easy to store, travel with, and reach otherwise hard-to-reach areas while the USB charger allows you to plug it in virtually anywhere for a charge, including a laptop or tablet.

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    Travelambo Front Pocket Wallet

    Trying to travel with a fully-packed wallet is about as uncomfortable and inconvenient as things can get. Replace your bulbous everything-holder for the Travelambo minimalist wallet, which ensures you take with you only what you absolutely need. Enough room for a few credit cards, your license, and cash, this pocket wallet is also equipped with a RFID block for your most vital cards, providing you a level of safety that most wallets cannot.

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    Micro Travel Umbrella

    Umbrellas can be difficult to travel with, mostly because they’re known for being big and bulky. The Micro Travel Umbrella solves that issue with a telescoping frame and easy-to-use locking mechanism rolled up into a 6” long package. The micro size will fit perfectly into your travel bag and still unfolds into a full-sized, functional umbrella.
    Of course, you can gauge whether this is necessary by watching the weather before your travels.

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    Bobble Infuse 20 oz.

    When you’re home, you know where to get the best water if not from your very own tap. In an unfamiliar place, you’ll want that reassurance that the water you’re drinking is clean and refreshing, Bobble’s 20 oz. infuse bottle comes with a carbon filter that cleanses all water before it touches your lips, but the “cage” can also double as a fruit infuser should you decide to opt for flavor. The simple design and soft cap make it easy to just throw into your travel bag for later use.

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    Juice Pack

    You may have your favorite phone case protecting your smartphone right now, but when you’re traveling, you’ll want to replace it with the Juice Pack, an innovative case that doubles as extra battery power. Don’t worry about having to go without your smartphone while it charges with this battery back-up, which provides upwards of 27 extra hours of battery life via wireless technology.

    Though it may not be the fanciest looking case, the choice of colors still lets you customize your option to fit you best.

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