Hiking appeals to wide variety of people. Those who enjoy the journey or love the destination find themselves needing a real pair of boots to take them there. There’s no need for a ton of different gear for most hikes as it’s a relatively simple yet challenging activity. One of the best things to have that all hikers agree on is to make sure that you have an amazing pair of hiking boots.


    As unpredictable as trails and weather is, it’s best to lace up with a good pair of boots to hold up. It’s best to be as prepared and as comfortable for any challenge that awaits. Yeah, it’s hard to find the perfect pair hiking boots since there’s literally a thousand different boots to choose from. Luckily, we narrowed it down to 27 of the best hiking boots for men. Scroll down and see if any of these pique your interest



    Merrell hiking boot for men

    Merrell Wilderness Hiking Boot for Men

    Every bit as rugged as they are handsome, the Merrell Men’s Wilderness made in USA Hiking Boot is an excellent choice for those who need a solid hiking boot. These boots are made from gorgeous leather that offers them both durability and a luxurious look and feel. The hiking boots feature a synthetic sole that makes them ideal for rugged environments as they won’t weather easily or take damage from the ground. They also offer great traction to ensure that you stay on your feet, no matter where the terrain might lead you.

    The shaft of the Merrell Hiking Boots measure a comfortable 5.5 inches from the arch. This gives your ankle all of the support that it needs to keep you comfortable. The upper is made out of full grain leather, and there is Italian metal hardware keeping the laces in place. A bellows tongue works to keep out all of the debris to keep you on the trail for hours or days on end.

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    Zamberlan Mens Hiking boots

    Zamberlan 996 Vioz GT Hiking Boots

    With their excellent grip and sturdy nature, these mens Zamberlan Hiking Boots are a great companion for the hiking trail. These boots are made from a striking, sleek-looking leather fit for luxury boots but intended to withstand the environment. The leather in the upper is Zamberian Hydrobloc full grain leather which is just as luxurious and comfortable. This upper sits right on top of a Vibram 3D outsole, ensuring total comfort, grip and support. The traction allows for reliable braking power on downhill slopes and features wide lugs that make it simple to remove debris like rocks and wood. The rock forward motion of these outsoles ensures an energetic and efficient step.

    Gore-Tex Performance comfort membranes allow for total breathability and protection while the Microtex wicking nylon collar lining can help control any moisture that might accumulate around the ankle. Handcrafted in Italy, the boot is ready to be put to the test on even the most grueling of trails.

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    coolboots for hiking

    Alaska Winter GTX Boots for Men by Hanwag

    Crafted into a classic style of hiking boot, these Hanwag hiking boots are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the standard, traditional aesthetic of hiking boots. Made from a synthetic material, these boots are built to outlast even the worst of weather and terrain, promising a hiking boot that can accompany you anywhere. The boots come with the ability to easily resole them, built with the knowledge that these kinds of boots will take a lot of hits and eventual wear and tear. They are durable and stable, promising to keep you on your feet, no matter what the trail throws at you. These winter hiking boots are ideal for heavy packs and will help you keep your balance. Waterproof, you can avoid wet socks and uncomfortable feet thanks to the breathable Gore-Tex technology that is found in the lining. The ultra high uppers ensure plenty of support and protection for your ankles.

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    Vasque Men's Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot, Slate Brown/Russet Orange,11 M US

    Vasque Breeze Waterproof Hiking boots

    With their immense ankle support and comfortable uppers, the Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 Gore-Tex Waterproof Hiking Boot is designed for rugged terrain with your comfort in mind. These boots are made with durable and luxurious leather that can withstand the elements while giving your hiking ensemble a fashionable upgrade. The sole is synthetic and comes with a heel that measures 1.25 inches in size with a platform that measures .75 inches in height. The boot provides superb arch support to help support your feet, while the 12-inch around boot diameter is sure to be able to accommodate any ankle and leg size. Due to the high, 6-inch shaft that extends upward from the arch, the boot provides plenty of support around the ankles. The height of the uppers and the unique design of the tongue help to keep debris from entering the boots when you hike sporting the Vasque Hiking Boot.

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    KEEN Men's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot,Raven/Tawny Olive,11 M US

    Keen Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

    Intended to be lightweight like a sneaker and offering an appearance that looks like one as well, these KEEN Hiking Boots will feel familiar and comfortable on your feet, no matter what terrain you are hiking through. The boots are made with leather that offers a sleek look and feel to it. The leather is totally waterproof to ensure that it does not get damaged when it rains or snows and will keep looking as nice as it did on the day you bought them.

    Breathable mesh lines the inside of each boot to ensure plenty of airflow, helping to reduce moisture in the boot to keep your foot comfortable. The shaft of these boots measures 4 inches up from the arch, providing plenty of ankle support while also giving you totally free range of movement. The rubber sole is thick and durable, while the traction is spaced out in such a way that cleaning out debris from it is simple.

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    Asolo Men's Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots, Black / Gun Metal, 11.5 D(M) US

    Asolo Fugitive GTX Men’s hiking boots

    Designed in such a way that it looks and feels just like a sneaker, the Asolo Men’s Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots – Wool/Black are perfect for casual hikes and treks through the woods. These lightweight boots offer the appeal and the durability of leather without being too thick and overheating your feet. Also featured is a padded upper that surrounds the ankle and provides you with all of the support that you could need. Due to their low-rise design, you won’t have to worry about this upper inhibiting your range of motion.

    The sole of the Asolo Hiking Boots – Wool/Black is crafted into a lug style. This style makes it easier for the boot to grip the terrain. Widely spaced, the lugs of the traction are easy to clean between for simple and swift removal of debris. They are totally waterproof, helping to protect your feet and socks against any sort of moisture or wetness to keep you comfortable.

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    Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX Boot Black / Orange 46

    Scarpa Rebel Pro GTX

    Easy to see on the trail and built for rugged adventuring, this Scarpa hiking Boot is the perfect outdoor boot that provides you all of the comfort and durability you need from a hiking boot. Made from synthetic material, these boots are durable and can withstand the test of any sort of weather. These boots are designed with Ueli Steck and feature a flexible cuff. The cuff provides you with total range of movement while also offering immense support around the ankles where you need it the most. It has an innovative tongue closure that not only keeps debris out with its tall nature but also increases sensitivity, reduces bulk and offers the ideal fit. These are the lightest hiking boots that this company makes, ensuring that you will not weigh down or strain your feet, no matter how long your walks may be and no matter what sort of terrain. The outsoles on these boots provide incredible traction.

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    Oboz Men's Bridger BDRY Hiking Boot,Black,10.5 M US

    Oboz Bridger BDRY boots

    The Oboz Men’s Bridger BDRY Hiking boot is your choice for a sleek, attractive and durable hiking boot that can take on any sort of terrain. It is made with leather that is luxurious and durable to provide you with both a stylish and sturdy choice of boot. The rubber sole features specially designed lugs that grip the earth, and because of their width, they are easy to remove debris from. The heel on the outsoles measures only 1.5 inches. The shaft of these good hiking boots measure 4.5 inches from the arch. This provides you with plenty of support without prohibiting your free range of motion around the ankles, offering a comfortable step every time. The BDry waterproof membrane works with the tall, padded tongue to keep moisture out of your boot, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. A nylon stability shank ensures that you will always stay on your feet, no matter how tough it gets out there.

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    The North Face hiking boots

    Northface Ultra Gtx Boots

    Known for their style and functionality, The North Face Ultra Extrm Ii Gtx Mens boots are made with sleek suede that will have you looking stylish out there on the trail. They even feature a sleek and comfortable suede sole that will keep the bottoms of your feet comfortable. These haven’t only been designed for aesthetics, however; they are made to take on even the most rugged and trying of terrains. These boots feature a tall upper that surrounds the ankle in its entirety. The padded upper provides your ankle with the utmost of support and strength, but due to their perfected height, will not cause you to lose your ankle’s range of motion. This combination ensures a comfortable walk with every step. The outsoles of The North Face hiking boots are thick and chunky, able to dig right into the ground. Because of their spacing, they are also simple to clean debris out of them when necessary.

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    Danner Men’s Mountain Light II Hiking Boot,Brown,11 D US

    Danner Mountain Light 2

    Stripped down and simple, the Danner Men’s Mountain Light II Hiking Boot is ideal for men who want something minimalistic and sleek without all of the unnecessary decoration. These boots are made from handsome leather that takes over everything, including the exterior of the tongue. The mocha leather extends up the shaft which measures 5.5 inches from the arch. Due to its height, the uppers will give you total support around your ankles without limiting your range of motion. The stitch-down composition provides stability underfoot and keeps the boot together reliably. These Danner Hiking Boots are waterproof, helping to keep your feet dry and free from moisture that might otherwise cause blisters and other kinds of discomfort. They offer a breathable Gore-Tex membrane that furthers the dry properties as it allows air to be pushed through the boot, providing plenty of airflow to keep your feet as comfortable as they can be during a hike lasting hours or days.

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    Salomon Men's Quest 4d 2 Gtx Backpacking Boot, Iguana Green/Asphalt/Dark Titanium, 10 M US

    Salomon Backpacking Quest 4D Hiking Boots

    Classically styled to look like traditional hiking boots, these Salomon hiking boots are ideal for men who want something familiar that they can count on. These boots are made from a blend of textile materials and leather, providing a boot that offers a casual appeal that is just as durable. Sturdy and stable, these hiking boots feature a synthetic sole that offers fantastic traction. Plenty of cushioning is provided by the relatively thick sole as well. The shaft of the Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot measures approximately 6 inches from the arch. This allows it to wrap wholly around the ankle and provide unmatched support. Though it is supportive, it is not restrictive and can still provide you with a total range of motion. Lightweight, the Salomon Hiking Boot won’t weigh you down or place a strain on your feet, and are waterproof to help keep out any moisture that might cause discomfort.

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    Merrell Men's Phaserbound Waterproof Hiking Boot, Clay, 13 M US

    Merrell Phaserbound Waterproof Hiking boots

    These Merrell Hiking Boots are a handsome pick that are made up of a blend of leather and fabric, offering a boot that is durably built with your comfort and sense of style in mind. This hiking boot features a full grain leather upper which features a metal hook and webbing set of loops that provide secure lacing and a comfortable fit that you will not have to worry about slipping off of your feet, These boots feature a Vibram sole that makes it easy for them to grip the earth and any other sort of terrain with ease. A 5-millimeter lug depth makes it simple for you to clean out any sort of debris that might accumulate between them. Durable toes help prevent damage from accidentally kicking something. The shaft that rises up from the each measures 6 inches in size and is padded. Supportive, this shaft can provide relief to the ankles without inhibiting its range of motion.

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    Merrell Men's All Out Blaze Aero Sport Hiking Water Shoe, Black/Red, 9.5 M US

    Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport

    Designed to look and function like a walking shoe but built with the practicality and support of a hiking boot, the Merrell Men’s Hiking Water Shoe is ideal for wearing on any sort of terrain, land or water. These shoes are ultra lightweight and won’t strain or weigh down your feet, no matter how long your hike might go on for. The Omni-fit lace up hiking shoes hug the feet comfortably to ensure a proper fit. This shoe style provides breathable mesh around the entire shoe that a breeze can pass through with each step to keep your feet dry and cool from every angle. It has an odor-preventing M Select Fresh technology to keep the shoe smelling clean. A comfortable, cushioned UniFly midsole provides plenty of support, while the Vibram outsole provides excellent traction. The spacing between these 5-millimeter deep lugs allows for easy access between them for debris removal.

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    Columbia Men's North Plains Ii Waterproof Mid Hiking Boot, Mud, Squash, 10 D US

    Columbia North Plains II Hiking boot

    Designed with a classic appeal, the Columbia Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots is a casual choice that you will always want to turn to for your next big adventure. These Men’s hiking boots are made from leather, a comfortable textile upper and webbing. This provides you with a mix of luxury and breathability, making for a stylish yet practical boot that cannot be beat. These boots feature a rubber sole that features an Omni-Grip, non-marking traction rubber to grip the earth along with any other sort of terrain. Ultra lightweight, the midsole is made from Techlite material that can provide you with plenty of comfort and cushioning without weighing you down. The scratch rubber toe cap helps to protect your toes with its durable nature that is able to resist any sort of wear and tear. Its waterproof seam seals out the wetness around you to ensure that your feet stay dry, comfortable and free of blisters. This Columbia hiking boot is a great choice for those looking to use them for a multitude of weather and terrain.

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    Vasque Men's St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot, Slate Brown/Beluga,10 M US

    Vasque St. Elias Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot

    Neutral and versatile both by color and by design, these Vasque Hiking Boots are an ideal choice for those who value durability over style and aesthetic. These hiking boots are made from a soft and sleek leather that offers a handsome appeal in a subtle way. This leather is also durable and can stop any sort of wear and tear from occurring after only a few uses. The synthetic sole features excellent, deep traction lugs that can grip the terrain anywhere that you go. The heel of these outsoles measures a comfortable 1.75 inches in height, while the platform measures only .75 inches in height. From the arch extends the shaft which measures 6 inches in height, providing your ankle with plenty of support without restricting your freedom of movement. Waterproof protection ensures that your feet stay as dry as possible to help prevent any sort of blisters or other discomfort from occurring.

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    Vasque Men's Vista WP Hiking Boot,Slate Black/Old Gold,7 M US

    Vista WP by Vasque

    The Vasque Men’s Vista WP Hiking Boot is a comfortable selection for those who need a boot ready to take on any sort of terrain and trail. These hiking boots are made from a touchable and luxurious suede material that provides a sophisticated look to these boots. Made with waterproof Nubuck material, these boots can help keep your feet dry and stop any blisters from forming or other forms of discomfort from occurring. The waterproof exterior also features the efforts to keep them dry and comfortable. It features abrasion resistant mesh that also helps to keep your feet breathable, which can further keep them dry and cool within the confines of the boots. The molded rubber toe bumper protects your toes from stones and stumps in the event that you kick them. The shaft measures a comfortable size in order to provide comfort and support to your ankle but with enough room to spare that it will not disrupt your range of motion.

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    Ahnu Men's Coburn Hiking Boot,Porter,7.5 M US

    Ahnu Coburn Boot

    Stylish yet rugged, the durable Ahnu Men’s Coburn Hiking Boot is perfect for men who want to look good and hike in comfort at the same time. This hiking boot is composed of both leather and textile, providing a blend of material that lends itself to both fashionability and durability all at once. It features a rubber sole that is able to grip the terrain with ease. Each of the lugs on the sole is spaced evenly in order to ensure that cleaning out the debris from them is a simple task. The heel of these boots measures around 1.75 inches while the platform measures only .75 inches thick to ensure that you are not getting too much lift but are getting every bit of the support and comfort that you need. The shaft extends up from the arch and measures around 5.5 inches. This means that your ankles will get support, supplemented by the padding, without restricting your full range of motion.

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    Five Ten Men's Camp Four Leather GTX Mid Hiking Boot, Black/Red, 9 M US

    FiveTen Camp GTX Mid Hiking Boot

    Crafted to resemble a comfortable running or walking shoe, the FiveTen Mid Hiking Boot provides all of the lightweight and stylish benefits of those types of boots with all of the practicality, support and comfort that you have come to expect from your hiking boots. These boots are made out of durable and stylish Nubuck leather. The style offers a rubber sole with lugs that extend outward the perfect depth in order to sink into and grip onto the terrain with ease. The sole is made from super sticky Stealth S1 material that is able to adhere to any sort of earth, mud, gravel, sidewalk or other type of terrain with the utmost of ease. This mid-cut hiking boot features a Gore-Tex waterproof leather upper. Comfortable, this upper keeps your feet from getting wet, no matter if you are trekking through mud or adventuring in the rain. These lightweight hiking boots offer reduced seams that allow for extra durability and style.

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    adidas outdoor Mens Terrex Scope High GTX Shoe (11 - Core Blue/Black/Col. Navy)

    Adidas Terrex Scope High GTX

    With its plentiful support, excellent traction and overall comfort, this Adidas Hiking Boot is ideal for anyone who needs a stylish boot that is every bit as suited for taking on the world. This hiking boot is made of durable textile material that can remain comfortable and breathable in any environment. Its waterproof exterior prevents water from getting into the boot and potentially causing blisters and other forms of pain or discomfort. The shaft is cut into a mid top fashion that provides the ankles with exceptional support and padding without suffocating the foot. Breathable, air can be pushed through the boot with every step in order to help keep your feet not only dry but cool and comfortable as well. The high abrasion-resistant upper is made from synthetic material that takes over the forefoot and the heel area, all the same, providing comfort and protection all the way from the heel to the toe.

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    Lowa Men's Tibet GTX Trekking Boot,Sepia/Black,10 M US

    Lowa Tibet GTX Trekking Boot for Men

    Handsome yet subtle, the Lowa hiking Boot is created for men who want to take to the wilderness without fretting over the bells and whistles that some other hiking boots come with. These boots are made from sophisticated looking leather that offers a soft feel but a durable exterior. It has a synthetic sole with lugs designed to latch onto the earth or any other sort of terrain that you might be trekking over. The soles have evenly separated lugs that make cleaning out rocks, sticks, mud and other debris with ease. It has a shaft that measures around 7 inches from the arch, providing total and whole coverage of the ankle which delivers unmatched support and cushioning without taking away your range of motion. Its padded tongue and collar ensure cushioning all around the boot, and it’s waterproof Gore-Tex lining ensures that no moisture will seep into the boot and cause any discomfort.

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    Salewa Men's Mountain Trainer Mid GTX Alpine Approach Shoe, Black/Indigo, 13 M US

    Salewa Mountain Trainer Mid GTX Boot

    Equipped with Salewa’s patented line of technologies, the Salewa Mid GTX Hiking Boot fits perfectly to your foot, leaving no room for sliding in order to provide a 100 percent blister free experience. This boot is made out of a blend of synthetic material and leather, providing a sleek-looking boot that is every bit as durable as it is stylish. These boots also feature a customizable multi-fit footbed that comes with interchangeable layers, allowing you to adapt the boot to the individualistic shape of your foot for sheer comfort and long-lasting wearability. The 3F firm ankle system offers support around the ankles to keep you supported on your trek, while heel support ensures that each step you take will be comfortable and easy. It comes with adaptive foam padding in the heel area that allows for this to be true. The climbing lacing extends right down to the toe for a more adherent and precise fit.

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    Scarpa Men's Zen Pro Mid GTX Hiking Boot, Shark/Spring, 40 EU/7.5 M US

    Scarpa Zen Pro Mid GTX Hiking boots

    Made to resemble a standard walking or running shoe, this Scarpa Men’s GTX Hiking Boot is ideal for those who want something casual yet comfortable and practical. These hiking boots are made out of a blend of both synthetic material and leather, combining to provide a totally durable and resilient hiking boot that you will want to wear on every trip out. This mid-cut hiking boot provides the perfect amount of support around the ankle without inhibiting your range of motion to make walking more comfortable. Its suede upper comes with injected TPU reinforcements to keep your foot from straining, and Sock Fit XT technology helps to ensure a proper fit. The protective rubber toe and heel randing ensures total comfort and protection from one end of the foot to the other, while a heel loop makes it easy to pull on the boot in any condition. It is waterproof to keep out any discomfort-causing moisture.

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    KEEN Men's Revel III Winter Boot, Magnet/Tawny Olive, 10.5 M US

    KEEN Revel III Hiking Boot

    Cast in a classic hiking boot style, the Revel III KEEN Hiking Boot is perfect for the man who wants a hiking boot that looks familiar, but one that can also outperform his expectations. This hiking boot is made from a durable and resilient blend of both leather and synthetic material, providing a boot that can outlast years of wear. It has a rubber sole that can dig into the earth while also being easy to clean out. The lace-up boot comes with waterproof KEEN Dry membranes that cannot only keep your foot dry but can keep it cool as well thanks to the influx of air with every step that you take. These boots also feature 200-gram KEEN Warm insulation that makes them ideal for hiking in even the coldest and snowiest of weather as well. Its dual compound ice and snow rubber grips will keep you stable on your feet even in the most trying of environments.

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    Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot,Walnut,9.5 M US

    Merrel Moab Ventilator Boot

    With its lightweight nature and familiar appearance, this Merrell boot looks like an everyday walking or running shoe but performs like a hiking boot should. This mid-cut hiking boot features a shaft that measures around 4 inches from the arch to ensure that your ankle has adequate support without its free range of motion being restricted. It has a mesh and leather upper that provides smooth softness and total breathability to ensure airflow passes through the boot at every angle. These boots come with a shock-absorbing air cushion heel that provides just the right amount of padding without weighing you down. It comes with moisture-wicking technology in its mesh lining to help keep moisture out of the boot and to wick it out in the event that it does enter. It also comes with M-select FRESH odor prevention that can have your hiking boots looking and smelling as good as new.

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    Meindl unisex hiking boots

    Meindl Hiking Boot

    Fashioned to resemble a classic hiking boot, these are an excellent choice for the traditional adventurer. Made out of beautiful leather, this boot is every bit as elegant as it is durable. It offers a full-length shaft with a soft padding inside. The combination of these two elements ensures that your ankles are given all of the support that they could possibly need. Even still, you won’t have to worry about them getting in the way of a full range of motion. They offer Gore-Tex waterproof protection in order to keep your feet dry and cool. This can help stop the formation of any sort of blisters from appearing. The hardware is durable and resistant to any sort of rust or weathering, no matter what kind of environment you find yourself in. The soles are thick and comfortable and come with traction that grips onto the terrain with ease. The spacing of the lugs makes it simple to clean out.

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    Danner Men's Mountain 600 4.5" Hiking Boot, Brown/Red, 11 D US

    Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots for Men

    With their modern styling, this Danner Men’s Hiking Boot is ideal for the casual hiker who wants something a little more contemporary to wear out on the trails. These boots are made with suede material that offers a touchable, soft and luxurious look and feel. The shaft of the Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5″ Hiking Boot measures around 5.25 inches from the arch. This allows for the support of the ankle without it stopping the ability for free range of motion, ensuring that you are comfortable with every step of your hike. It features a durable, waterproof suede upper that comes with D-ring lacings which keep hold of your laces without slipping. The open cell polyurethane cushioning provides all of the support that you could need from toe to heel on the Orthoclase footbed. The outsole provides self-adaptive lugs and incredible traction, allowing for a superior grip on dry and wet surfaces alike.

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    La Sportiva Men's Core High GTX Trail Hiking Boot, Black/Yellow, 38 M EU

    La Sportiva Core High GTX Trail Hiking Boot

    Modern and stylish, La Sportiva Hiking Boot is an ultra comfortable, long-distance hiking boot. This is an over-the-ankle hiking boot that is made from all synthetic materials. Lightweight, it is intended to help you move quickly over any sort of terrain. It is highly breathable which can help keep your feet cool and stave off the muscle fatigue that you might otherwise feel. The Gore-Tex protection offers a waterproof design that can keep any moisture from seeping into the boot. In the event that some does get into the boot, it has moisture-wicking technology that will pull it right back out. This allows you to avoid any sort of blisters or other discomfort caused by a wet environment in your boot and are a great choice for someone who wants waterproof hiking boot. The Nano sole comes with an Impact Brake System that allows you to slow to a stop immediately, no matter how fast you might be trekking down a steep hill.

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