Not just anything will work for those long, sweaty runs. If you’re in need of an excellent pair of true wireless earbuds for running, you can’t go wrong with one of these Wireless Earphones:


    Best Wireless Earbuds For Running


    1. Jaybird X3 Sport


    JayBird has been making waves with their Jaybird X wireless earbuds in the last few years. The latest iteration proves the expression “third time’s a charm” because the Jaybird X3 Sport earbuds is an improvement on just about everything that made the last version a great option.

    One of the best ways the the Jaybird X3 Sport outdoes its predecessor is in the size department. They’re smaller and more compact, which means a more comfortable feel and less weight. The redesigned inline remote is also a big improvement while the 6mm drivers have been enhanced. We wouldn’t be the first to say that these offer the best audio quality of any wireless earbuds for running out there.

    Like going on long runs without having to worry about battery life? If so, you’ll be fine with a pair of Jaybird X3 Sport due to their eight hours of battery life. While it’s actually the same battery life as the previous iteration, the new lithium ion battery is made of a more reliable material as opposed to NiMH.

    The ear fins that are now designed to fit more securely in your ear. And just to make sure your wireless earbuds don’t get damaged from an intense run, a clip is included that can be used to attach them to your clothes or pack. JayBird is also kind enough to toss in four different sizes of eartips to make sure they fit well in everyone’s ears.

    The Jaybird X3 Sport are also made so you can securely use them either over the ear or under. All the ear tips consist of Premium Comply Foam which means superior noise isolation that’s hard to find in other wireless earbuds for running. Other features include the ability to make voice calls and the option of four unique colors: Black, Red, White, and Green.


    Although they’re probably the best wireless earbuds for running that JayBird has produced, they’re still not perfect. One big issue is the charging accessory used to give the earbuds juice. Since its the only way you can charge the JayBird X3 Sport earbuds, you’ll have to buy another if you misplace or break it. The noise isolation also requires extra carefulness on your part since you’ll be less likely to hear traffic or other dangers while running.

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    2. V-MODA Forza Metallo

    Few wireless earbuds for running can say they’ve earned more than 40 editor’s choice awards. The V-MODA Forza Metallo continue topping lists like these because they offer one of the best combinations of sound and comfort you’ll find on the market. Although their price tag is higher than most other earbuds, here’s why they’re worth every penny.

    For starters, their 5.8mm Featherweight Micro drivers are designed with to deliver the perfect balance of vibrant bass, mids, and highs. The guts of these high-tech earbuds include Qualcomm Chipset and aptX Audio Codec for audio playback near that of CD quality. You’re also getting noise-cancelling dual mics with a 3-button remote for your voice calling and volume control needs.

    The V-MODA Forza Metallo are also renowned for their superior comfort and fit. Titanium traplock ergonomics means these earbuds are light and small enough to make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. You also get four different sizes of BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) earbuds so you experience fantastic noise-isolation along with great sound quality and fit.

    But what’s the point of having the best wireless earbuds for running if a low battery life limits your running time? Thankfully you don’t have to worry because V-MODA outfitted these earbuds with batteries that last up to 10 hours of music playback. They also support FastCharge which means you can charge them for 15 minutes to get more than 2 hours of playback.

    Other features include an aircraft-grade metal housing along with sweat/weather nanocoating technology, which means no amount of sweat or water can damage them. Active runners will appreciate the ActiveFlex Sport Fins that come in three detachable sizes so you find the perfect fit for you. Two available colors are Gunmetal Black and White Silver.


    One of the only issues some users may have is the long cables, which might be annoying due to dangling while running. The noise-isolating design might also be too good and thus prevent you from hearing dangers such as traffic during an intense run. They’re also somewhat pricey.

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    3. Urbanears Stadion

    If you’re on the hunt for a unique pair of wireless earbuds for running, look no further. Swedish company UrbanEars has designed one of the most interesting and eye-catching option out there. Of course, looks aren’t everything, which is why the Urbanears Stadion also have what every runner needs for their run.

    The unique look we’re talking about consists of a coiled cable that rests firmly on the back of your head. Compared to dangling wires, this coiled cable does its job of keeping the earbuds securely in your ears while running, hiking, etc. And to make sure everyone is left satisfied, UrbanEars includes different sized Earclick tips so everyone gets a firm fit.

    The battery life, although nothing special, is pretty good at 7 hours. Worth mentioning is that the semi-open headphone design means less noise-isolation, which isn’t entirely a bad thing if you’re a runner or biker who wants to stay wary of traffic. Other features include reflective details for better visibility at night, a three-button control for easy music navigation, a sweat-proof design, and your choice of four colors: Black, Red, White, and Blue.


    Urbanears Stadion earbuds also offer some pretty good sound, although their ability to deliver bass isn’t as up to par with other choices on this list. That being said, they still provide excellent audio quality. Another area these wireless earbuds for running fall short of the competition is the 7 hour battery life, which is good but not great.

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    4. BeatsX

    Beats Electronics, a subsidiary of Apple Inc., and been dominating the headphones market for many years now. Combining the best from Beats and Apple, these fantastic wireless earbuds for running are a must-have if you want something that looks good, sounds great, and comes with the latest features.

    BeatsX boast a Flex-Form cable made of two nitinol (nickel titanium alloy) wires that are unmatched in terms of weight and durability. This means you can use these bluetooth earbuds for ears to come and even roll them up to fit inside the compact carrying case without worry.

    Featured inside the magnetized earbuds are powerful 8mm drivers that deliver some of the best sound quality you’ll find in any wireless earphones. Powered by Apple’s W1, a custom low-power Bluetooth chip, BeatsX is capable of automatically pairing with all Apple devices. Also included are four different eartip sizes as well as different-sized fins so every runner can find the best combination.

    BeatsX also come with an integrated microphone with a redesigned RemoteTalk button for added responsiveness for the bluetooth wireless earbuds. Battery life is around the eight hour range, which is very good but not the best out there. But when you run out of juice at a bad time, the advanced Lightning port allows you to charge around 25% of the battery in only five minutes.


    A problem some users have mentioned is the long cords that bounce while running, which some people find annoying. Also, BeatsX are not waterproof (only sweat-proof) while some have complained issues with the treble while playing certain types of songs.

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    5. Bose QuietControl 30

    Sometimes you’ve got to pay a little more to get the best. That’s the case with Bose’s QuietControl 30, which comes with a pretty high price tag but also offers an excellent mix of comfort, features, and sound quality.

    One of the biggest advantages of owning these wireless earbuds for running is the adjustable noise-cancelling. As the name implies, QuietControl technology means you can adjust how much outside noise you hear with the press of a button on the inline remote. This is the perfect feature if you want lower noise cancellation while running and higher while listening at home.

    The QuietControl 30s are built to last but also very comfortable. Bose include three sizes of their famous Stay-Hear+ eartips to guarantee that they fit firmly on every user. The lightweight neckband was also crafted to conform to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

    A powerful Lithium-ion battery offers a whopping 10 hours of listening on a full charge. They’re also sweat-resistant (though not advertised as so) and thus are perfect for use while running, workout out, etc. Other features include quick Bluetooth and NFC pairing, a dual-microphone system for making calls, and a Bose Connect app for easier device management.


    The obvious downside to wanting these wireless earbuds is the high price. While noise-cancellation is great, they’re not as good as the QuietComfort 35 earbuds. No wired options also means you’re out of luck on a plane.

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