There’s nothing like music to put you in the zone while hitting the gym. Whether its to motivate yourself with great jams or drown out the sounds (grunting and all) around you, here are the best Wireless Earbuds designed for people who love working out.

    Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out



    1. Bose SoundSport Wireless


    Despite reaching one year on the market this past June 2017, these excellent Bluetooth earphones continue making waves for their incredible comfort. You’d be hard-pressed to find a list on the best wireless earbuds for working out that don’t include the Bose SoundSport Wireless earphones.

    What makes these so great for listening to music while pumping iron is their open design. Instead of stuffing them in your earbuds, Bose’s innovative StayHear+ eartips rest in your ear loosely enough to not feel uncomfortable while staying secure. Each pair also comes with three different sizes of eartips for users of all ear sizes and preference.

    Another feature that makes Bose SoundSport Wireless a good choice is its sweat and water resistance.They also feature an inline mic and remote so you can adjust the volume, skip songs, or take/make a call with ease. Tests by many reviewers have shown that these earbuds offer one of the most reliable Bluetooth connections when using them as a headset.

    Pairing these wireless earbuds to your phone is also easier than ever thanks to near-field communication technology. Switching between paired devices is a breeze, especially if you own a Samsung device that supports tap-to-pair.

    Other great extras include six hours of battery life, an auto-power off feature, and compatibility with Bose’s free Connect app that works on all iOS and Android devices. There are two colors available (Aqua, Black) and an added charging case accessory can be purchased for around $50.

    One of the only complaints from these great wireless earbuds is the cord length, which you can’t adjust like other earbuds on the market. However, Bose did add a clip that lets you hook the cable so it gets less in the way. The six hours of battery life also isn’t impressive.

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    2. Plantronics BackBeat Fit

    This is hands-down one of the best wireless earbuds for two main reasons: quality and price. They deliver everything you’d expect from top tier Bluetooth headphones while also offering a price tag that’s fair and reasonable.

    Like Bose’s earbuds above, the BackBeat Fits differs from in-ear headphones by losing the buds that you need to cram into your ear. These have an over-ear design to provide excellent sound while still letting in a little ambient noise, which a lot of men prefer while in the gym or when running. Their flexibility and comfort make them perfect for listening to audio while doing high movement exercises.

    The earbuds are of course sweat proof and resistant to water thanks to P2i coating. These wireless earphones are also very light— they weigh only .85 ounces, reducing the chance of discomfort you get from wearing heavier earbuds for a long time.

    If you use a lot o devices than you’ll be happy to know that the BackBeat Fit earbuds can connect with eight different devices. They can also be used as a wireless headset since they come wit ha built-in microphone that offers excellent audio quality. All the controls you need are also conveniently located on the earpieces. This includes volume controls, and play and pause buttons, power phone buttons.

    Charging these earbuds takes less than three hours and Plantronics packs in the USB cable required. You can also get up to 8 hours of playback or six hours of talk time on a full charge. “Standby” and “Deep Sleep” modes are also available to further extend battery life.

    A common concern is that the cord cannot be adjusted in terms of length and comes with no clip, which means you’ll have to figure something out to avoid bouncing.


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    3. Powerbeats3

    As the third iteration of the best-selling Powerbeats wireless earphones, these provide enough improvements to make them one of the best choices out there. A strong combination of features and sound quality make this a must-buy if you want wireless earbuds for working out that live up to the Beats name.

    For starters, the Powerbeats3 Wireless earbuds last up to 12 hours on a full battery charge thanks to the new Apple W1 chip, which means plenty of long workouts without worry of running out of juice mid-set. They also boast Class 1 Bluetooth technology that requires no annoying wires and allow the most stable and reliable connections possible today. The sound quality is also amazing and also has pretty strong bass as well.

    These earbuds aren’t going anywhere no matter how intense your workout is thanks to their secure fit. The flexible earhooks can be adjusted for better comfort and stability so they not only stay in place but also never feel weird or annoying. The earbuds are also resistant to both water and sweat, which means they’ll survive any workout whether it’s inside a gym or on a run in the rain.

    Other details are the inclusion of Beats’ famous “Fast Fuel” feature, which allows you to charge the Powerbeats3 for five minutes to get an entire hour of playback. These wireless earbuds also make it very easy to adjust the cable so it doesn’t get in the way of your workout. Every pair of Powerbeats3 also comes with four eartips size options as well as a convenient carrying case.

    The five color options currently available are: Black, White, Flash Blue, Shock Yellow, and Siren Red.

    While there’s nothing wrong with the Micro-USB connectivity, they don’t feature the superior Lightning technology of BeatsX.

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    4. Jaybird X3 Sport


    There’s a simple reason why the Jaybird X3 Sport earbuds are included here as well as our list of the best wireless earbuds for running— they’re incredible. You won’t find a better pair of wireless earphones that were clearly designed to provide great sound and comfort no matter how you enjoy working on your physique.

    The Jaybird X3 Sport are almost non-existent thanks to their small, compact design. Less weight means more comfort after lengthy workout sessions. The inline remote and impressive 6mm drivers have also been improved to provide better audio quality than any Jaybird headphones. In fact, many reviewers and users would agree they’re some of the best sounding wireless earbuds out there today.

    While they don’t have the best battery life of all the choices here, the Jaybird X3 Sport do offer eight hours of battery life. They also feature a lithium ion battery (instead of NiMH) so they’re more likely to last many years and hundreds of charges. The earbuds (four different sizes are included) also come with a fin design so they fit securely and comfortably in your ear. They come with a clip to deal with the cord should you be the kind of listener who gets distracted by bouncing and dangling.

    If you prefer in-ear buds, these are for you. The ear tips are made of a Premium Comply Foam that provide an incredible level of noise isolation that’s impossible to achieve with over-ear buds. The Jaybird X3 Sports can also be used to make voice calls and come in four color options: Black, Red, White, and Green.


    The only major problem with these wireless earbuds is that they require a specific charging accessory. Should you lose, forget, or break it, you’ll need to buy another one from the company in order to power up your earbuds again.

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    5. Mpow V4.1 Sport Earphones

    We understand that not everyone has a Benjamin or more to spend on wireless earbuds. That’s why we decided to include this very affordable option that gets the job done if all you need is a reliable way to listen to tunes while sweating off the pounds. If you don’t believe us, consider the impressive 4 out of 5 star Amazon rating based on more than 900 customer reviews

    Despite their low price, the Mpow V4.1 Sport Earphones provide amazing sound on a reliable Bluetooth connection. A built-in HD microphone is also there so you can make phone calls with clear sound. The mic comes integrated with CVC6.0 noise cancellation so your hands-free conversations are as smooth as possible.

    The Mpow V4.1 also gets the job done in the comfort department. An ergonomic design combined with soft silicone ear hooks means the in-ear buds fit perfectly and can be used all day without any discomfort. You also get up to eight hours of audio play time while the battery can last up to 300 ours on standby mode.

    Bluetooth 4.1 technology means you can pair these excellent wireless earbuds to an smart device up to 32 feet. The headphones themselves are crafted from a metal-constructed shell so they’ll remain durable even after long years of use and bumps. Last but not least, three ear tips sizes are included along with six ear hooks 3 indoor leisure fit and 3 outdoor sport fit.

    Since they are low budget, you shouldn’t expect the same level of audio quality and number of features as other wireless earbuds on this list. Also, although many customers suggest that they are sweat proof, the product description doesn’t say they are.

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