Credit Card Churning: The Secret to Free First Class Flights

    Have you ever wondered how some people can “afford” first class? Does it make you wish you made more money? Do you want to know the easier, affordable, and smarter way to score free first class flights and a whole bundle of other stuff?

    Credit Card churning is the answer to those wonderful questions.

    What is Credit Card Churning?

    Credit Card Churning is a simple strategy that has been around for a long time. It is the act of finding the BEST sign up offers for initial spend and then meeting the requirements by putting your normal spending on the card or by manufactured spending.

    For example,The Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the many credit cards chosen by churners to take advantage of. The sign-up points will vary depending on when you actually apply as Chase will sometimes change it up. For 5 months it might be 50,000 points, one month it might even be 80,000. Some people even get letters in the mail from chase for 100,000 points! Chase uses the Ultimate Rewards (UR) System. Each UR point is equivalent to at least 1.25 cents. The value of your UR can even be 1.5 cents minimum with the Chase Sapphire Reserve UR Portal.

    Simple Answer:

    • Apply to Chase Sapphire Preferred for the “80,000 Bonus after spending $5k within 3 months”.
    • Meet the spend requirements.
    • Apply for Chase Sapphire Reserve, Business Ink +, Marriot, or any other cards that tickle your fancy. Check out for more information on finding what to get.
    • Meet the spend requirements.
    • Congratulations! You are now churning!

    Best Cash Back Card

    What is the best cash back card? That’s the Citi Double Cash! You get 1% when you use it and 1% when you pay it off. An easy 2% without having to go through the hassle of finding the best reward redemption. If you’re tired of churning and want a card that will give you a great return until you churn again (and your purchases don’t qualify for bonuses in other categories), it’s hard to beat the Double Cash.

    This Card is highly recommended for those who do not do much traveling, or plan to at all. Reason being, you have access to a higher redemption and are able to keep it to yourself without leaving it all in the account for 5 years before you go somewhere (if you even do).

    What can I use my Credit Card points for?

    You can use your points for flights(First Class, Business, Economy), hotels, car rentals, statement credit (arguably not worth it) and gift cards. There is a whole host of choices to choose from and leave many people wondering “what do I do?!”.

    It REALLY depends on what you want to do, but here is an example. If you are planning on flying somewhere(and use Chase Ultimate Rewards), we highly recommend you check the amount of UR it will cost you, and then head over to that airlines website and check the price there if you Transferred your points to that airline. YES, you can transfer points to airline partners of the Credit Card company you chose, and sometimes your points can be worth upwards of 2.5 cents per point. It usually takes quite a bit of luck and some good due diligence to find the best travel to reward ratio. The best times are during sales and non-prime time months.

    What is the #1 best Credit Card to get started with?

    Chase Sapphire Reserve

    It is single-handedly the Chase Sapphire Reserve

    Although it has a hefty annual fee of $450, do not fret! It is easily offset with many of wonderful benefits that many of us churners love!

    There is a $300 annual travel credit which could be used for any travel expenses such as in-flight puchases, meter or garage fee’s, and anything else involved with travel! Also note: travel category and dining category gives a 3x points bonus for spending. You also get Priority pass and Global entry for free! That’s right, no more waiting in line on your way back from vegas with a hangover.

    Now another great perk to the Chase Sapphire Reserve is the 1.5 cent UR Portal access. Not all cards give the same points to cent ratio and this one is hands down the best guaranteed redemption available. Of course, you can still transfer these points to hotel and airline partners if you find even better deals.

    All of these benefits have made the Chase Sapphire Reserve the #1 sought after card for travel and benefits.

    What other cards are good?

    If you are interested in more cards with good benefits, here is a list.





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