Choosing a cologne is not an endeavor that should be taken lightly. The way that you smell when you enter into a room can make or break your entrance and can say more about your personality than you may realize. You need a cologne that embodies everything that you stand for, and with the Creed Aventus Cologne, you can do just that. This fragrance is a sophisticated one that has been specifically crafted for individuals who seize the day and capture every moment, acting on each one as if it were the last.

    Crafted in France, this fragrance was inspired by the life of an ancient emperor in order to embody his power, strength and success. It was introduced to the market by a sixth generation perfumer in 2010 and has since become the highest selling fragrance from their brand. Aventus means “from the wind,” and honors a man that is driven to lead a rich and successful life.

    The Creed Aventus Cologne features the main fragrance of rich, tree-ripened fruits that are picked at the perfect time. This fruity scent contains an abundance of decadent notes that accent their scent. The most prominent top notes of the cologne include blackcurrant leaves, bergamot, pineapple and apple. The middle notes are comprised of earthy scents to balance the fruits, including birch, pinkberries, patchouli and jasmine. Finally, the bottom notes are oakmoss, musk, amergris and vanilla for just a hint of sweetness.

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    Tom Ford Italian Cypress Cologne

    The Tom Ford Italian Cypress Cologne is a cologne for the adventurous person, one who is not afraid to explore new places and experience what they have to offer. It invokes mystery and intrigue with its unique fragrance profile, one that can appeal to the senses of even the most knowledgeable fragrance connoisseurs. Crafted specifically for the exclusive Tom Form store located in Milan, this scent is a fragrant blend of classic traditionalism in the way of cologne and bright, bold innovation that leads whoever inhales its scent on a wild new journey.

    The Tom Ford Italian Cypress Cologne is a fragrance that features a full-bodied and uplifting aroma. With its blend of earthy notes and dashes of citrus, this cologne is at once grounded yet vibrant. The fragrance consists of not only citrus but of herbs and mint. These elements come together to produce a wild and intoxicating fragrance that ends with notes of incense and patchouli.