Here we have a cool golden pocket dump of our EveryDay Carry Gear. Gold, aesthetically pleasing in all of its glory, has a profound effect of power. It is one of the top runners in association with luxury, power, and beauty. If you’re looking for cool gold EDC gear to shop or just drool at, our selection will satisfy your daily cravings.


    Gold Polish Brass Zippo

    Zippo is an amazing brand with huge influence in the lighter market. Renowned as a top tier lighter for pocket carriers, these windproof lighters are USA made with a huge variety of styles and designs within the gold niche. This specific Gold Polish Brass Zippo has 4.5 out of 5 stars from 1244+ reviews.

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    Gold-Tone Money Clip

    A simple and effective way to carry your cash in style. For EDC lifers who want to feel a little boogie, a golden money clip is a nice option. It’s not too flashy, but not too bland either. Keep your cash tight and leave your bulky wallet at home.

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    Mtech Ballistic Gold pocket knife/bottle opener

    We all need a gold knife at some point in our lives. This 3.5″ Spring assisted Titanium knife coated in gold really pushes for that time now. At an amazingly low price, Mtech offers a beautiful knife with a serrated blade section and a useful bottle opener (Let’s face it, we all drink here).

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    MagiDeal Aluminum Alloy D-ring Climbing Carabiner Snap Clip Spring Key Chain Bottle Hanger - 8 Colors to Choose - Gold

    Gold Carabiner

    A gold carabiner, simple and practical. Great EDC item to finish the gold spot pocket dump.

    Carabiner’s have a ton of uses which include a place to attach your keys, hanging bags/bottles, connecting key rings, setting up tents and ropes etc. This Gold Carabiner has a load bearing of 100-150kg.

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    leatherman skeletool

    Designed to show off the skeleton of the knife, the Leatherman Skeletool is a beautiful multitool that looks unlike anything else you have ever seen. This tool comes with the basic tools that can have you prepared for any situation, whether you need to fix something quickly at home or are out on the hiking trail and need to get something fixed up before you can continue. This multitool comes with regular pliers, needle nose pliers, regular and hard wire cutters, a combination bottle opener and carabiner, a combo knife, a large bit driver and a way for you to hook and store extra items onto the handle.

    Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool

    The Leatherman – Wave Multitool, Stainless Steel with Leather Sheath is a tool that will have you ready for absolutely anything life throws at you, whether you are stuck inside of your home weathering a storm, out in the wild surviving a camping or hiking trip or simply around the house working on a few projects here and there. With its size, it affords longer, sturdier tools that can tackle any sort of job, no matter what you need to do. Each piece of the tool locks into place when you need to use it in order to ensure a sturdy and safe functionality while also closing up with ease when you are done using it to transform back into a standard, slender and easy-to-pocket shape.

    Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife

    Many pocket knives have often been deemed “swiss army knives,” but they aren’t. Just because a knife is compact and helpful doesn’t mean that it is an authentic Swiss Army knife. If you have ever wanted to own a Swiss Army Knife, now is your chance. The Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Alox 93mm Medium Pocket Knife is a limited edition, genuine Swiss Army knife that is made by Victorinox. This Swiss Army Knife is cast in the traditional military olive green color, allowing you an authentic feel that you won’t get with a standard silver toned or black knife. It features high-grade alox scales to add even more detail.

    12 Best Multi tools

    We all love Leatherman tools, and here we have some of their best options. But we’ve sought to create a list of the best multi tools from many other top brands. We scoured the internet looking for reviews, trying out different tools, watching videos and carefully choosing the right choices for the list.

    If you’re looking for a good multi tool for any occasion(think outdoors, pocket carry for those of you who need it, to add to your home collection or whatever else you could use it for) then this will be the perfect guide to help you.