Filson Small Duffle Bag

The Filson Small Duffle Bag is an ultra-accommodating 22-ounce bag that can hold just about anything that you need it to hold, regardless of the size. Measuring 18 inches in width by 10 inches in height by 11 inches in depth, this duffle bag is made from a blend of luxurious and durable bridle leather as well as rugged, stable twill. It can go with you anywhere that you go, whether that means you take it to the gym with you several times a week or bring it along on a camping trip. This is especially true considering that its rugged twill is both abrasion resistant and water resistant, making it a perfect choice for rain, shine or any other kind of weather.

The Filson Duffle Bag features an adjustable leather-carrying strap that makes toting this bag along with you simple. The inclusion of the shoulder pad only adds to the sheer comfort and support that this duffle bag brings. You could also choose to carry it using the matching bridle leather handles that feature a two-snap grip for simple carrying. However you choose to carry it, you can keep your belongings placed securely inside thanks to the inclusion of its solid brass zipper closure. It even comes with a storm flap to keep everything ultra safe while adding to the Filson Bag’s weather resistance. When it comes time to clean the bag, simply wipe it down or brush it for simple maintenance.

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