Sitting amidst snowy hills and wintry landscapes is the High House located in Maison Privé, Quebec, Canada. This beautiful home toys with the idea of a classic style, steeple-top home yet has been given a modern and minimalistic twist that turns the home into a contemporary dreamland. This private house has been designed to allow those who stay in it to be given an exclusive living experience, one that blurs the lines between the interior and exterior of a home to immerse the residents in nature and beauty.

    This home features sharp, bold and clean lines that are built using white concrete panel cladding in conjunction with corrugated steel roof panels. On a snowy, cloud-covered day, this home will blend right into the snowy landscape, providing a truly minimalistic feel, while on sunny summer days, the minimalistic structure makes a bold, modern statement against the green foliage and grass.

    The High House sits atop elevated stilts which, in most cases, are reserved for flood zones and warmer climates like the coast. This beautiful winter home uses the stilt mechanisms for the same reason as one might find in the warmer climates: to protect the ground floor. Not only do they serve their practical purpose, but also the stilts further the modern, angular look of the home. By taking advantage of the stilts, those staying in this home can enjoy a pleasantly unusual space where they are able to stay close to nature and the wintry escape found outdoors while still being protected from the elements around them.

    These stilts hold the home high above the tree line that surrounds the home, affording residents a view of the beautiful Mont Saint Anne that sits in front of the home, aiding in the natural beauty of the location. Because it is not shrouded in trees, natural sunlight also floods the home during all hours of the day.

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