This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first-gen iPhone, a revolutionary hardware that changed how people looked at mobile phones. To commemorate the iPhone’s ten years in existence, Apple is planning a very special edition of the popular smartphone later this year. It is without a doubt the most anticipated iPhone model.

    However, we don’t much about it yet. There are tons of alleged leaks and unverified information from analysts, bloggers, and Apple tipsters with proven track records floating around on the internet. And until Apple finally unveils the iPhone 8, we have no choice but to rely on unofficial information to get an idea of what it will look like.

    Recently, a huge information leak took place on Reddit, courtesy of three Foxconn employees. Not all heroes wear capes. A subcontractor of Apple, Foxconn is a Taiwan-based manufacturing company. The moderators of the Reddit thread have verified the identity of the three with “appropriate documentation and evidence.”

    Many of the divulged information is in line with previous leaks. Here are the things that were shared on the thread – but take them with a huge grain of salt, as always.

    Product name

    The iPhone 8 was repeatedly referred to as the “iPhone X,” which makes sense considering it is the 10th-anniversary iteration of the smartphone. However, it’s not clear yet whether that moniker is the real product name or simply just a code name. Hopefully, Apple keeps it that way because it sounds badass.


    It appears the iPhone 8 will follow the growing trend of eschewing the physical Home button, with the majority of the front now occupied by the screen. The dual rear camera will be positioned vertically as opposed to horizontally. It will feature Facial Detection and a Retina Scanner, which will be included in the front-facing camera modules (plural).

    Apparently, the Touch ID isn’t performing well, though it looks like Apple is adamant about keeping it intact. Contrary to previous leaks, it appears the iPhone 8 won’t feature a rear fingerprint scanner, with the Foxconn employees calling previous reports as “misinformation.” And speaking of previous leaks, Apple is allegedly keeping the lightning connection, which axes an earlier leak that it will come with USB Type-C connection. This likely means more dongles to carry around.

    The iPhone 8 will retain the 3GB RAM found on the iPhone 7 Plus and will again be water-resistant, which means you still can’t totally submerge it in water for an extended period. The body will be made of composite glass, which would allow it to charge wirelessly. Yes, Apply has looked into wireless charging. Previously, reports say that the iPhone 8 will have an aluminum body.

    One thing that wasn’t shared on the thread was whether it will really feature an OLED display instead of the usual LCD. Rumors have claimed that it will come with an OLED display, which will make colors even more vibrant.

    Operating system

    At the recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple introduced the new iOS 11. The iPhone 8 will most likely roll with this new operating system. In a sea of endless rumors and unofficial info, this is probably the surest thing about the iPhone 8 right now.

    Release date

    Sorry, folks, but it looks like the reports of the iPhone 8 being delayed is true. According to a report by CNET last April, it’s the rumored new OLED display that will prevent Apple from launching the smartphone in September this year. That’s the month Apple typically releases iPhones. The company stayed mum during the recent WWDC about when to expect the new iPhone.


    Be ready to burn your wallet for the iPhone 8. Because like all other products that Apple spits out, it will come with a ridiculous price tag. We have no clue on the exact figure, though. But definitely, don’t expect it to be lower than $850. That’s the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Don’t be surprised if Apple slaps the iPhone 8 with a price that’s north of $1000.

    Again, take all the aforementioned information with an iPad-sized grain of salt. Some of the features could very well turn up in the final product. But all of them could just as easily be a red herring. Well, except maybe that part about the iPhone 8 arriving with an iOS 11 installed. Unless, of course, Apple has a super top-secret operating system in the works for the next iPhone.

    Image credit: iDrop News



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