Sofas are some of the most, if not the most, prominent pieces of furniture in any living or sitting room. Oftentimes, however, little thought is put into these furnishings, leaving a room feeling as if it is lacking something that could truly transform it into something extraordinary. If you are ready to put that extra bit of thought into the way your modern or mid-century living space looks, look no further than the Oak Linen Sofa from NUTSANDWOODS.

    The Oak Linen Sofa is a striking piece of furnishing that features a contemporary and minimalistic base which has been carefully carved from a century’s old piece of solid oak, adding a bit of a classic element to the otherwise modern look. Within the natural, handsome oak, the natural wood grain that is present is highly visible, adding a slight hint of detail that truly pulls any room together. The oak arms and base rise up in stark, crisp lines and in a rectangular shape. This durable framework is supported by mid-century modern-style legs that add an angular appeal to the sofa.

    The cushions on the Oak Linen Sofa are made from beautiful, touchable natural linen that have been filled to the brim with lightweight, plush down. Ultra comfortable and inviting, this sofa is every bit as practical as it is plush and cozy, making it a sofa that you will always want to come home and snuggle up on. German made, the couch is built to last and can keep your home looking stylish and inviting for years to come.

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