When shopping for clothing each year, attempts are usually made to find clothing styles that are able to be worn more often than not. You want to get your money’s worth and end up with clothing that is versatile enough to be worn when the weather is warm and when it is cold, all while still remaining within the styles of the season. This might seem like an impossible feat considering what you need to wear during each kind of weather, but it is certainly something that is possible with the Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka that allows you to do that with ease. The Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka gives you three different choices for outerwear that you can use depending on what the day and the weather calls for.

    previal 3 in 1 winter parka

    This Winter Parka is a warm, waterproof design that is sure to keep you cozy in the winter, warm in the fall and totally dry all year long. It has a tough, durable jacket that works as a waterproof winter parka to keep you looking and feeling good in the wintertime. It comes with a detachable vest that you can use to turn the parka into a stylish, sleek city jacket as well. The Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka offers an ultra-warm and wholly insulated waterproof shell that comes with three different external pockets in the vest position, which can be used to store your important items such as your wallet, keys and any other small belongings. Inside, there are also internal pockets for storing more delicate items such as cell phones and tablets. When wearing this sweet parka, you get four exterior pockets and two interior pockets for even more space to work with.

    prevail 3 in 1 parka inside pocket

    With the Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka’s shell, you can zip it off in order to reveal the detachable vest underneath. While it can be worn as outerwear, the vest of the parka can also be worn on its own when the weather is warm enough. It has seam taping that ensures it will always be weather proof, and it even comes with a standup collar that helps to provide even more protection against the bite of the cold during the chillier months and the protection of the wind all year-round. The two-way zipper makes it simple for you to get the different pieces of the Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka on and off on a whim so that you are always ready to look and feel your best.

    The Prevail 3-in-1 Winter Parka is fashioned out of 60 percent nylon, 29 percent cotton and 11 percent spandex for a perfect blend of comfortable and durable materials. It has a liner made of 100 percent polyester cire twill and is insulated with 100 percent polyester. The vest itself is made out of 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex for your comfort and style.

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