Don’t settle for a standard monitor that provides hardly any viewing angles and causes your game to look shrunken and stale when you could be using the Samsung Gaming Monitor. This monitor features an extra-wide 49-inch screen and comes with a 32:9 aspect ratio. This allows the gamer to see the scenes of the game just as the developers want players to see them–in their entirety. The 1800R curved screen brings you closer to the game than ever before, immersing you in its intense cinematic-style design.

    The monitor features Quantum Dot technology that enhances your gaming experience with a billion shades of color, helping to further the feeling as if you are engrossed in a film instead of a game due to its lifelike hues. Working with the enormous range of color is the high dynamic range, or HDR feature, allowing dark areas to be ultra dark and bright areas to shine with ease. Contrast and detail are displayed like never before.

    It has advanced motion blurring reduction technology that helps to provide an ultra-fast, responsive gaming experience thanks to its 1-millisecond motion picture response time. Say goodbye to blurs on the screen when you game on this monitor.

    With its high performance, incredible speed, abundance of color and impeccable response time, the cinematic experience that the Samsung Monitor delivers is unlike anything that you have ever gamed on before.

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