Every lady loves to get flowers, but a wilting bouquet can often seem like a waste of a great gift. Luckily, there is a way to give that special someone a beautiful rose that will last a lifetime, living as an everyday reminder of your love and admiration for them. This hand-picked, natural rose is snipped at the climax of its blossom, when the bloom is full-bodied, and then dipped in 24 karat gold. This preserves the rose while adding a unique, decorated flair to the classic gift, offering you a unique opportunity to give a handcrafted gift to your girlfriend or wife. The rose is almost a foot in length and is displayed in a gorgeous, durable display case, which is lined with premium leather. Creating these roses is no quick feat, as they take over 60-steps from beginning to completion, and each rose goes through a strategic handcrafting process where they are hand dipped, again and again, eventually forming several layers of premium gold. The finished product is a polished, shining rose, with all the dips and divots of the natural flower. There is no better gift to give the lucky lady in your life, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or another occasion, to show her just how much she truly means to you.

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    Chiappa triple barrel shotgun

    Take a step away from the normal styles of shotguns that only come with two barrels and triple the fun to be had on the shooting range with the Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun. This 12-gauge shotgun is impressive with the way that it offers three different 18.5 inch barrels for you to play around with. Two of the barrels sit snugly side by side of one another, while the third barrel sits on top, making not only a stylish statement on this unique gun but also turning the gun into the result of well thought-out craftsmanship as well.