If you’re wondering what the deal with fitness trackers are, it’s simply a tool(accessory if you will) that comes with a multitude of utilities. One of the utilities include fitness tracking such as steps taken, heart rate and plenty more depending on the style and activity tracker watch of your choice. There’s a ton of them out there and we know it can be overwhelming with new fad technology coming out every year(Or every other month it seems).

    What We Look For In Fitness Trackers

    There are quite a few things to consider when shopping for a fitness tracking watch. For us to consider an activity watch on this list, it must meet our qualifications. We evaluate reliability, function, pricing, user ability and life.

    With that in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the best fitness watches available in the market today.

    1. Moov Now – The perfect device for everyday workouts

    Definitely among the finest fitness tracking device available in the market today, this band has all the necessary features that you might need to monitor your daily activities. The Moov Now activity tracker comprises of a number of essential features that will help you to calculate the number of calories you burn each day, and ensure that you are able to monitor the impacts and determine the necessary requirements to obtain your desired fitness. The best part is that it is fairly affordable when compared to most other such devices in the market today.

    With this device around your wrist, you can do more than simply count your number of steps and number of calories being burned. This activity band is also fitted with a mechanism that can determine the amount of calories during activities such as boxing, swimming, running, etc. This will help you to determine the impacts of a number of activities that you can indulge in during your endeavors to lose weight or build muscle. The activity tracker also comes with a sleep monitoring technique that will help you to understand and estimate how much sleep is necessary for the proper rest of your body, along with the duration of the sleep.

    -Impressive battery life- Up to six hours
    -Cheap price tag and great value for money
    -Sleep monitoring technique with vibrating alarm
    -Utility for a variety of activities
    -Limited features – No GPS or other such complex features
    -No display screen

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    2. Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Great design and amazing features

    This fitness tracking watch from the house of Samsung comes in a close second in our list. There have been a number of such devices manufactured by the brand in the last few years, but the Samsung Gear Fit 2 is a marked improvement over all of those devices. These improvements can be found both internally as well as on the exterior appearances. The outcome is a device that provides great value for the price you pay. This fitness watch has retained all of the exciting features that made these devices from Samsung a force to be reckoned with, and yet, has managed to add more exciting features.

    One of those features is the added capability of this watch to be paired with iOS-run devices such as iPhones and iPads. As long as the device runs on iOS version 9 or above, it can be paired with the Gear Fit 2 to monitor the exercises and impacts of those exercises. So now, we have a smart activity tracking device that can work well with both Android and Apple platforms. The design of the watch is also an upgrade over previous units with a big AMOLED display being the latest addition to the styling features of an already beautiful device.

    -Great styling and beautiful on the wrists
    -An astounding 1.5-inch AMOLED display screen
    -Impressive battery life of up to 60-72 hours
    -Compatible with both Android and iOS devices (iOS 9 or higher)
    -GPS capability through a mobile phone
    -Completely waterproof
    -Slightly on the expensive side when compared to most other such devices, but great value for money
    -Minor issues with the Barometer
    -Does not feature an alarm system

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    3. Garmin Vivosmart HR+ – Complete with all the features you could hope for

    In third place, we have the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ fitness tracker. This device is a tad pricier when you consider the large number of available activity tracking devices in the market. However, when you consider the numerous exciting features offered with this device, the price is reasonable. It’s is complete with all the necessary features required for an activity tracking device and much more. Fitted with a heart-rate monitor and a GPS system, the Garmin  allows you to monitor your daily workouts with the use of any smart device such as a Smartphone or a tablet.

    The battery offers an impressive six-day long service with a single charge, allowing you to use it for quite a long time before having to recharge it. The mechanics within the tracker is capable of monitoring high-end workout regimes and other activities that usually burn calories within the body. Hence, you can use this watch for all kinds of activities that you may indulge in with regards to the proper maintenance of your physical fitness. Although the design of this activity tracker is not among the most appealing in its class, it serves its purpose and rests on your wrist comfortably.

    -Battery life is great – Lasts for up to 6 days
    -GPS capability with Smartphone devices
    -Compatible with Android and iOS devices
    -Completely water resistant
    -Heart-rate monitor is available
    -Monochrome screen
    -Design isn’t among the best, but it’s not terrible
    -In-depth data is not available
    -Slightly on the expensive side, but great value for money

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    4. TomTom Spark 3 – Music, navigation and workout, all on your wrist

    The fourth entrant on our list is the TomTom Spark 3 activity watch, a cool product that offers a lot more than just tracking your activities and fitness. One of the best features of this watch (which is not present in most other devices) is its capability of playing music even when not paired with your Smartphone device. The device is incorporated with built-in memory where you can store your music files, and listen to them while working out or engaging in other similar activities. You would, however, need a Bluetooth headset that is compatible with the device as it does not have a port for connecting wired headphones.

    The TomTom is also complete with a heart rate tracking monitor, a GPS tracking system that can be paired with your Smartphone and a route navigation option. These features make it the perfect companion for you whether you are working out in your gym or being active outdoors. The design of this fitness watch is also very classy, enabling you to use the accessory even when you are not jogging or working out. This helps you to keep track of all the activities that you carry out during the day, and ensure that they are all accounted for while calculating the total number of calories burned during the day.

    -Capable of playing music even when not paired with a Smartphone -device
    -Water resistant capability
    -Battery life is up to an astounding 14 days
    -Compatible with iOS-run devices as well as Android devices
    -GPS tracking and route navigation
    -Monochrome screen
    -Navigation through the menu is slightly confusing
    -Sound quality is not among the best
    -Phone syncing is slightly patchy

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    5. Apple Watch Series 2 – Elegance and flamboyancy

    The latest fitness watch from the house of Apple, the new Apple Watch Series 2, is a marked improvement over the previous version of the device. It appears as though the manufacturers have determined the disadvantages of the previous version, and have improved those areas remarkably. Issues that were common with the Series 1 such as poor battery life, lack of water resistant capabilities, lack of GPS, and sluggish operation. Apple has been able to eradicate (or at least, diminish) these issues to a great extent. As a result, we now have a device that has a great battery life and works very well to offer you numerous features to track your fitness activities.

    Once you have paired the device with your iPhone, you can have access to a great deal of data pertaining to your fitness activities. The device is still slightly pricey when compared to the numerous other devices available in the market today. However, considering the brand as well as the abundance of features included in this gadget, this is certainly one of the finest devices to have been introduced in the market. The styling and design is top-notch, and there are very few such watches or trackers that can compete against the style and elegance of this gadget.

    The battery life of this gadget is 18 hours, which is quite impressive when you consider the large number of activities that you can indulge in with it. You can use this watch for functions that you would use on your iPhone such as receiving and making calls, checking messages and even social media platforms. When you consider this, the gadget is simply amazing. It is the definition of  smartwatch

    -Great battery life of up to 18 hourss
    -Can be used to conduct multiple functionss
    -Elegant styling and designings
    -Wide LCD screen that displays instant results from fitness activities
    -Wide range of features for fitness trackings
    -Water resistant
    -Price tag slightly on the expensive side
    -Too many features and options if only looking for a fitness tracking device, making it not worth the price.

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    6. FitBit Charge 2 – The best activity tracking device from FitBit

    A major upgrade over the FitBit Charge and the FitBit Charge HR, the FitBit Charge 2 is currently the best fitness tracker from FitBit available in the market today. This activity band is slightly more expensive than the previous range of activity tracking devices, but certainly gives you a bang for your buck when you consider the numerous added features. The technology of the device is also fairly simple, as opposed to most other such devices.

    You can focus better on your exercises instead of making attempts to figure out how to make it work around the many complicated options. With the presence of a GPS connectivity, you can easily connect the device with your Smartphone to view your activity data in detail. The device also features a large display screen that shows you most of the data from your fitness exercises and activities. The device also features technology to monitor your sleep as well as your heart rate, and forms a complete package to understand every aspect of your physical fitness.

    -Battery life is an impressive 4 days
    -Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS devices
    -Display screen size is bigger than most other such devices
    -Designing is sleek and beautiful on the wrist
    -Activity tracking for running, exercises as well as sleeping
    -The strap is fairly comfortable and easy on the wrist
    -Fairly inexpensive and great value for money
    -Limited notifications can be displayed from your phone
    -Not water resistant

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    7. Garmin Vivofit 3 – The latest entrant from the house of Garmin

    The Garmin Vivofit 3 is the second activity tracker from the house of Garmin to feature in our list, and is certainly among the finest products manufactured by the renowned company. This fitband has a sleek design, and is unlike most others when it comes to the screen size. In fact, the display screen size of the watch is fairly small, but it certainly makes up for it in other important aspects. For example, the battery life of this tracker is an astonishing 1 year, as claimed by the manufacturer. This in itself makes it a great piece of tech to carry around as you can use it without needing to charge the battery for a very long time.

    Due to the small display screen, you will also have to let go of the pleasure of being able to receive important notifications from your Smartphone devices. However, this has made a significant contribution to the battery life of the watch, and you can obtain data from tracking  your many activities for lengthy durations. You can also pair the device with a Smartphone, tablet operating with Android operating systems or iOS to view detailed data of your activity tracking. The price tag is another aspect that will encourage you to obtain this sweet product in place of the many other alternatives.

    -Battery life is an unparalleled 1 year
    -Display is always on
    -Water resistant and works perfectly well even when exposed to water
    -Can also double as a watch
    -Small display screen
    -Phone notifications not available
    -Design and styling is not the best in the industry
    -Software is not as fun and entertaining as other such devices

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    8. Fitbit Blaze – A great piece of tech, but lacks the looks to suit everybody

    The Fitbit Blaze includes many features that are great for activity and fitness tracking with the ability to produce instant results. This gadget comes in handy when you are looking to determine the extent to which you need to work in order to achieve the desired fitness levels. The watch also has a fairly decent battery life.

    -Decent battery life of up to 5 days
    -A number of interesting features pertaining to fitness
    -Considerably low price tag
    -Large LCD screen size
    -Colored display screen
    -Display is slightly uncreative
    -Styling and design is considerably unattractive
    -Notifications from Smartphone devices not available

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    9. FitBit Surge – The first health watch from Fitbit

    The FitBit Surge is far from being the most popular fitness watch available in the market. However, it has found a spot in our list as it is the first product to be manufactured by the fitness accessories manufacturer. This GPS activity tracking device is perfect for you when you are going for long runs, and is full of exciting features that can help you with your fitness regimes. One cool feature is the availability of real-time and instant statistics.

    The styling and the design of the device is fairly old-fashioned. It minutely resembles the style-statements of the 80s. However, the impressive 1.25-inch screen is great for displaying the important activity related data on a real-time basis.  The fitbit Surge features a heart rate tracking system that allows you to ensure proper health and fitness.

    -GPS is inbuilt
    -Feature to monitor the heart rate
    -The clasp of the watch is fairly classy and stylish
    -Works well with most modern day Smartphone devices
    -Design and styling is fairly old-fashioned
    -Displayed data is not always 100% accurate
    -Battery life is fairly short

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    10. Jawbone UP3 – Classic design and loads of impressive features

    When one considers the styling and design of an activity tracker device, there are very few devices out there that can compete with the impressive Jawbone UP3. The predecessors of the  UP3 were legant too, but the UP3 has taken things to an entirely different level. As a result, you have a watch that not only allows you to track your fitness well, but also exudes a great deal of cool.

    The UP3 has also crammed up a large number of sensors into the mechanism to allow every aspect of your fitness workout to be captured. It’s interesting to see how the device manages to work for almost a week while also using all the sensors. It is also compatible with almost all smart devices that operate with the Android and iOS platforms.

    -Remarkable UP app
    -Great tracking during sleep
    -Great design and styling
    -Awe-inspiring battery life of up to 7 days
    -Numerous sensors to track every fitness activity
    -Sensors are slightly underused (unless you’re willing to really learn about)
    -A tad too expensive when compared to other devices of the kind
    -The charging mechanism for the battery is slightly awkward

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    11. Huawei Fit – A device that easily stands out in a crowd

    One of the simplest fit watches to feature on our list, the Huawei Fit still manages to stand out among the crowd despite its simplicity. The design is fairly attractive and works well with all kinds of fashion. It resembles that of a traditional watch. The huawei is water resistant. Fitted with a heart rate tracker as well as sleep tracking capabilities, it’s an ideal candidate for anyone willing to wear it throughout the day.

    The price of the Huawei is a great attraction for people looking for a budget fitness watch. With the availability of a large number of features to facilitate fitness tracking, the inexpensive price tag of this device is a great investment. The unit does have a few limitations in the way of a slightly blotchy interface. However, the simplicity of the device, combined with the low price tag, is enough to make it a suitable gadget for your activity tracking.

    -Traditional and simple appearance
    -Great deal of simplicity in the designing and performance
    -Enabled to track heart rate as well as sleep
    -Works well when indulging in stop-and-go exercise routines
    -Functionalities and features are slightly limited when compared to the numerous other devices available in the market
    -Interface is slightly prone to errors

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    12. Withings Steel HR – A great device for maintaining peak physical fitness


    Smartwatches tend to often miss the necessary features that make them good activity tracker devices. They are so stuffed with numerous features that there is very little space to insert the many mechanisms required for tracking fitness activities. The Withings Steel HR, however, does not compromise its fitness tracking capabilities. Fitted with a heart rate monitor, the gadget keeps a constant watch on your heart rate. The tracking details of the device capture the data of each step you take, every minute you sleep, and give you an overview of the total impact of all these activities.

    The Withings offers a number of other notifications when it is paired with your Android or iOS-run Smartphone. It allows you to carry out multiple tasks with a simple gadget on your wrist. The Withings Steel HR manages to put out an astonishing twenty-five days of battery life, which is simply amazing by the standards of normal smartwatches.

    -Simplistic design exuding a classic vibe
    -HR sensor in the watch is great to measure activities while running
    -Stunning battery life of up to twenty-five days
    -Water resistant
    -Numerous features and options available when connected to Android or iOS-run devices
    -Fitness tracking data is highly accurate
    -Charging mechanism is poorly designed
    -Interface is slightly complicated

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