Top 9 Best Home Theater Movie Projectors

Back in the day, anyone interested in watching a movie on a big screen, with theatrical sound and a tremendous picture quality, had to visit a movie theater. It’s not a secret that high-definition televisions, being more affordable than ever before while boasting breathtaking picture and sound quality, can bring the magnificence of a theater to your home.

Movie projectors are something like a hidden gem, as in fewer individuals know about them and their remarkable features. Today’s movie projectors surpass current HD TVs in terms of capabilities, value, and ease of use. However, the good news is that more and more individuals are learning of movie projectors’ ample benefits, and unparalleled display. Home Video Projectors are quickly becoming part of many living rooms, dens, gaming areas, and other entertainment centers across the globe.


The only problem with the rising popularity of home theater projectors is determining the best-possible purchase option with all this new technology available.

To help anyone who wants to enjoy a gorgeous-looking, theater-quality picture in their home with a video projector, we’ve compiled a list of the nine best home theater movie projectors!


Abdtech 1200 Lumens Mini LED Multimedia Home Theater Projector

Buy On Amazon / $67

Brand: Abdtech

Notable Features: Really, Really Affordable Pricing

The Abdtech Mini Home Theater Projector may only feature 1200 lumens, but its extremely cheap at the price of less than $70. It comes with two HDMI slots, HD output, and a relatively quiet cooling fan, making it worth considering for anyone shopping on a budget, as well as those who are new to the world of video projectors.

As if these benefits weren’t awesome enough, the Abdtech Mini Video Projector also comes with a fantastic warranty and an ultra-responsive remote control. The only issue with the Abdtech is that it has a bit of blurring at the edge of the screen. But at this price point, you can’t really complain.


LG PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector

Buy On Amazon / $899

Brand: LG

Notable Features: 120-Inch Display Area, Bluetooth Sound, Smart Capabilities

LG has created another winner in the PF1500W LED Smart Home Theater Projector, as it’s both reasonably priced and jam-packed with extraordinary features that are guaranteed to impress. The fully equipped 2017 video projector can maintain 1080p video without a screen (by projecting onto an open wall) and in a size up to 120 inches. Yes, a 120-inch screen can be enjoyed in seconds with this projector!

Moreover, the PF1500W boasts Smart capabilities (including media streaming), broadcasts Bluetooth sound, and displays an ultra-bright and super-vibrant picture made possible by 1400 lumens.

It’s hard to go wrong with the LG PF1500W.



ViewSonic PJD5153 3300 Lumens SVGA Projector

Buy On Amazon / $289

Brand: ViewSonic

Notable Features: Cheap Price, Easy-to-Use, Impressive Brightness

Adittedly, the ViewSonic PJD5153 SVGA Projector doesn’t have the best picture quality on the market. But, what the unit lacks in technical display abilities, it more than makes up for in other areas such as it’s brightness of 3300 lumens, outstanding sharpness for the price and user friendly design.

The PJD5153 can be purchased on-the-cheap for less than $300 new, and is very easy to configure. Individuals who are completely unfamiliar with video projectors will find it surprisingly simple to use.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1440 1080p 3LCD Projector

Buy On Amazon / $1149

Brand: Epson

Notable Features: Streaming Abilities, Ultra-Bright Output, Vibrant Images

The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema Video Projector is ideal for anyone looking to enjoy super-crisp images in an area where a substantial amount of light—from outdoors or inside—would normally inhibit a video projector. The reason being that the PowerLite features impressive brightness capabilities—to the tune of 4400 lumens of general brightness and 4400 lumens of color brightness! Sometimes, a home theater project’s only potential location is one that’s affected by light—and with the PowerLite, this won’t be a problem. An added benefit to its provided convenience, the unit can stream video content.


Optoma GT1080Darbee 1080p 2800 Lumens 3D DLP Short Throw Gaming Projector with DarbeeVision

Buy On Amazon / 822

Brand: Optoma

Notable Features: Affordable Price, Crisp Images, Designed Specifically for Gaming

Gamers looking for a video projector worthy of broadcasting their skills have found a winner; the Optoma GT1080Darbee is affordable, reliable, compact, and easy-to-use. Optoma’s gaming-specific video output results in crisp, fast-moving, and engaging footage of video games being displayed.

Short throw technology means the GT1080Darbee can be placed on most any surface without sacrificing video quality. Thus, in any-size area—so long as at least four feet are between the wall or screen and the video projector—this Optoma model allows players to destroy the competition or enjoy single-player adventures with unparalleled graphical clarity.


InFocus IN119HDx 1080p Video Projector

Buy On Amazon / $559

Brand: InFocus

Notable Features: Lightweight Build, Tremendous Picture Quality, Affordable Price

It’s a shame that the InFocus IN119HDx 1080p Video Projector doesn’t receive more credit, as it’s a great unit. As those who own the product know and as those who will own it later on will find out, the IN1919HDx boasts a value-heavy price, 3D support, 1080p imagery with 3200 lumens, and an overall quality that’s second-to-none. What’s more is that many customers have noted the unit’s impressive durability and longevity.

Anyone looking for a portable, light, and plainly effective video projector should consider the InFocus IN119HDx.


DBPower T20 1500 Lumens LCD Mini Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Video Projector

Buy On Amazon / $99

Brand: DBPower

Notable Features: Industry-Low Price, 1080p Picture, Easy Set-up

Video projector customers on a budget, who also don’t want to sacrifice product quality for savings, will be impressed with the DBPower T20 Mini Video Projector. The T20 features two HDMI slots, 1500 lumens, and displays a screen up to 176 inches in full 1080p.

Most notably of all, the DBPower T20 costs less than $100! This industry-low (for the provided features), budget-friendly price is even more significant when considered in coordination with the T20’s outstanding picture quality and easy-to-use nature.


Epson Home Cinema 2040 1080p 3D 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Buy On Amazon / $689

Brand: Epson

Notable Features: Built-in Speakers, Vibrant Picture, Streaming Abilities, Affordable Price

Don’t be fooled by its low price—the Epson Home Cinema 2040 Home Theater Projector is a high-end unit fit for any entertainment center. The all-encompassing product boasts higher brightness settings—and accordingly, more vibrant picture capabilities than most other projectors. Its built-in speakers allow for entertainment to be enjoyed without the hassle of hooking-up external sound boosters.

Throw-in two HDMI slots and ample streaming abilities and it’s easy to see why the Epson 2040 is trusted and loved by so many customers.


BenQ DLP 1080p Projector (HT1070)

Buy On Amazon / $676

Brand: BenQ

Notable Features: Beautiful Picture, Designed to Display Sporting Events, Considerable Screen Size

The BenQ DLP HT1070 video projector is a must-buy product for customers seeking an engrossing picture quality in a smaller space—particularly when it comes to sporting events. The HT1070 is sure to impress when displaying all forms of media, including television shows, movies, sports, and video games, but the unit’s greatest display strength is…wait for it… all of it! From the green of the grass to the ridges of a ball and everything in between, everyone will be taken aback by the BenQ’s remarkable detail; this product is worthy of being the projector in your house.

As an added bonus, the video projector is reasonably priced and can display images across a 50-inch area while being placed just over six feet from the wall!  This impressive unit is the hottest system in the market right now. Don’t settle for less—buy a BenQ Video Projector!


The listed movie and home theater projectors have already pleased countless customers, and as this display medium’s popularity continues to grow, these projectors will undoubtedly become mainstays in homes all over the world.



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