There’s nothing like visiting a distillery and seeing how your favorite drinks and spirits are made. Everything from the process of distillation to the decor in the distillery itself can be enchanting as you see everything that you love come to life in a single location. Whether or not you have a Jack Daniel’s distillery near you or not, you can enjoy the same rustic appeal of a distillery right in your home or your outdoor bar area with the Whiskey Wood Bar Stool.

This bar stool is a handcrafted furnishing. It has been fashioned out of wood from a reclaimed whiskey barrel that comes straight out of the authentic Jack Daniel’s distillery. These genuine stools are great for creating a rustic, woody looking scene in your bar or entertainment area and look great with any counter top or bar, no matter the type. Excellent for studio apartments and high top table areas, these wooden stools are tall and comfortable. They are every bit as durable as they are handsome and can last you for many years to come.

The finish on the Whiskey Wood Bar Stool helps to preserve the true look of the old whiskey barrel before it was stripped and reclaimed. It shows off the fine wood grains and brings to mind what the barrel itself once looked like, helping to create that authentic distillery feel right in the comfort of your own house, apartment, studio space or business area.

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