With the belief that through true minimalism beauty can shine at its brightest, the White Line home was built. Clean lines, crisp, clean color and striking shapes make up the modern home that strives to at once stand out from and become a part of the nature around it. Perched atop a slight rise in the naturally beautiful city of Almaty in the Republic of Kazakhstan, this remarkably stunning house makes its robust, contemporary presence known with its unique parallelogram design. Angular and with a strong air about it which makes it truly unmissable, the White Line home was built with both visual aesthetics and comfort in mind.

    Located amidst a breathtaking landscape of unmatched beauty, the goal when building this home was to bring a modern, human touch to the area without hurting the natural environment around it. This endeavor was executed perfectly and beautifully, creating a modern home that is every bit as cozy as it is jaw dropping and Earth friendly.

    The creators constructed a brilliantly designed home that contrasts against the usual habits of nature; while nature often creates perfectly symmetrical visuals, this home goes against the grain with its asymmetrical appeal. The interior of the White Line home is just as crisp and clean as the outside, with the white color translating indoors as well, helping to unify the bold structure of the home and appeal to its minimalistic aesthetic. This monochromatic execution allows the home to feel more spacious and open while providing a pleasing-to-the-eye view that will never cause strain or clash with your decor. This helps promote a relaxing and calming environment, one that is only further perpetuated by the breathtaking windows.

    Surrounding the house are panoramic windows that help save on energy, bringing in natural lighting that cannot be duplicated by any other light source. These windows bring a sense of openness and transparency to the home while still affording plenty of privacy, keeping you close to the natural world outside. The glass on these windows features a reflective compound on their exterior that allows the imagery of foliage, clouds and trees to reflect off of them. This creates a beautifully streamlined appearance, allowing the home to blend in as much as it can with the world around it.

    Outside, you will note that the house sits on stilts that took minimum ground excavation to achieve, falling in step with the environmentally friendly design of the White Line home. Made from concrete and covered in a slick lime plaster, the house supports a beautiful balcony that faces toward a beautiful overlook, allowing you to step outside and reap the beauty of nature over a cup of tea.

    Getting in tune with nature does not mean that you must stay in a log cabin in the center of the woods, and this ultra modern home proves this. Take a step inside of the White Line home and enjoy the privacy of self and the privacy shared with nature all at once.

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