They say that when something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it. While that could apply to any number of things, it certainly applies to the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot. Since it was first created in 1914, the boot has been given durable upgrades, but it has otherwise remained untouched from its stylish, original composition.

    Crafted with the very same impeccable eye for detail that the original Wolverine boot over a century ago was made with, the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot features a classic pattern that has been taken straight from the original 1914 version of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Shoe. This timeless boot comes with a comfortable upper that is made out of high quality, premium leather straight from the Horween Leather Company. Conversely, you can get a boot with an upper crafted from suede that has been aged perfectly and taken from Charles F. Stead Suede.

    Each boot is crafted by hand to ensure quality and personality. These boots are American made in Big Rapids, Michigan. They are unlined and feature a classic leather outsole. The heel is Vibram, and the Goodyear Welt construction is at once flexible and durable to provide years of wear. Furthering its longevity is its ability to be resoled anytime, promising years of wear and comfort. Finishing off the boot is its flat waxed cotton laces that are every bit as durable and as timeless as the rest of the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot.

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