In terms of creating custom motorcycles, finding a new bike that has not yet been created can be a difficult task. With so many different models out there, the Yamaha Sr500 by Auto Fabrica is striving to create something truly different. Auto Fabrica is an English company that has set out to create something that has never been done before with the Yamaha SR500. This custom cafe racer bike has reduced the standard motorcycle to its most basic form.


    Since the Yamaha Sr500 already had a solid structure and an attractive frame, the only way to create it from the ground up was to start from the basics. The Yamaha Sr500 by Auto Fabrica’s take on the bike puts a perfect balance between the appeal of modern bikes with a more traditional look, creating something that is truly timeless and can be enjoyed by Yamaha enthusiasts young and old. One of the most notable things about this bike is the fact that its tank, crafted out of a 2-millimeter sheet of aluminum, can hold up to 15 liters. Because the company also incorporated aluminum into both the tail unit and the seat, the weight of the bike is remarkably low. The fork itself was dropped two inches in its front while the rear end got a raise with Marxocchi shocks which offer a beautiful visual balance. The neutral gray on the seat unit and the tank, along with white highlights on the tank, provide a handsome bike that runs as well as it looks.

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